14 November 2010

Capturing CREATION Q and A!

Ok! Here is a questions and answers page about this Photo Challenge as some people have been asking a few questions.

Q: When on Wednesday do I enter my pictures? Do I have a time limit?
A: Well, the weekly photo challenge will begin on Wednesday and you have from Wednesday to Saturday to enter your picture(s).

Q: What is the main thing you are looking for in pictures?
A: The main idea is to be creative! So get that camera out, read the photo challenge theme and start thinking unique!

Q: What email address do I send it to?
A: The email address that some of you need (those without blogs) to use to send me your pictures will be posted on Wednesday also.

Q: How are my photos going to be judged?
A: Your pictures will be judged anonymously, by a panel of independent judges. So please make sure your watermarks aren’t covering the whole picture! Lol

Q: What will my pictures be evaluated and judged on? Quality, uniqueness or what?
A: Your pictures will be judged on creativity, quality—quality not being the type of camera you use, merely a well-taken picture—and theme-aptness (is that even a word?)

Q: Am I allowed to edit my pictures?
A: Yes! You are allowed to edit all of your pictures.

Q: How many archive photos can I have? What is an archive photo?
A: You are can have only one “archive” photo (archive photo being a picture you have taken in the past and stored for a wee while) per entry—but please try and take new pictures! It makes it so much more fun!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has shown an interest! I can’t wait to see all of your pictures! *behold me excited* which is something I rarely am.  

If you have any more questions you want to ask, please do! I want to make sure that there are no mix-ups, so ask away. Don't be afraid to ask even if it might sound silly!


  1. OK, then I've a question! ;)
    We're allowed to edit them, but do we have to state what we did to the pictures?
    Anyway, thanks for this! Definitely cleared some things up!

  2. Hi Jayne!
    No, you don't have to state what editing you did. Don't worry about that!
    Glad the Q and A's made it clearer!
    God bless