28 November 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

It's so good to do it again--I really loved having the challenge this week! It's been SO SO SO SO cold today. I was literally freezing in church, and freezing on the way home and freezing when I got home; now I am warm in my mum and dad's bedroom, typing this up while it's snowing hard outside. We got another 3 snowfalls yesterday and 1 during the night and then another now. Beautiful, but cold  freezing.
Here are my SHS pictures!

1. Black and White.
From 2 days ago. All I can say is: cold.

2. I Ate This.
And I did. It was later put in soup! Cute lil thing...

3. Historic.
This wall is hundreds of years old. And it looked so beautiful all covered with clean, white snow!

4. Off Center.
I was at this amazing cafe, where their coffees are great and their hot chocolates are absolutely, blow-you-away-crazy. They have sweet little roses on each of the tables and the wine was a perfect background.
I was kinda happy with the bokeh too...sigh...I. Love. Bokeh.

5. The End.
Yup. It's the end of my book. I was just about finished and I thought this would work for SHS.
The ending was great by the way, just in case you were wondering! hehe

If you haven't already found out about it, then go and check out Capturing Creation, a photo challenge hosted by Yours Truly! Make sure you read all the info and follow the rules:-)


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Historic and Black and White! They just blew me away.

  2. These are beautiful! I love B+W and off center.

  3. Neat shots! I bet the pumpkin soup was good!

  4. Great black and white, the lack of color makes it feel very cold! I agree, the off center rose has wonderful bokeh. Nicely done.

  5. great black and white and the end!

  6. Great shots this week...love your black and white shot and the end shots.

  7. that black&white is GORGEOUS!

  8. Great work this week....that first shot is beautiful. I also love your off center shot. Well done!

  9. Great feel to your photos.
    The bokeh does look pretty.

    Right now my right hand is rather cold - I keep having to try to warm it up - but it's not freezing yet. Still, getting out of bed in the morning when I'm tired and it's warm in my blanket and chilly elsewhere is fairly difficult. :)

  10. In response to your comment...I don't think there is an age limit or minimum to I Heart Faces. At least once a year, they highlight teen photographers but it's open to all ages.

  11. I love the book shot!! love it! ;)

  12. love them all! Can't pic a favorite!! I love bokeh too :) I **think** the b&w is my favorite. NO! The end...or the historic. hmm...nope, can't choose! great job!

  13. I like the off center one the best! But all of them are good! Oh, and no rush at all but what is the category for the capturing creation photo challenge #3?