9 November 2010

Capturing CREATION

....Yours Truly Photo Challenge!

Just to make it clear: it starts NEXT Wednesday (the 17th November)! More information coming on Tuesday!
Yup, that’s right! The photo challenge is now here. I am so excited about it! Capturing Creation is a photo challenge that will run over a course of 7 weeks. One photo challenge a week.
Obviously the theme is Creation, and 7 weeks represents 7 days...got it yet? I thought so.
So what will happen is, each week on a Wednesday a photo challenge will be hosted by YT, and that photo challenge will be themed around a day of Creation. 
E.g. Day 1: Let there be light. You have to enter a picture focused on the theme.

1. The pictures MUST be your own.
2. If you are interested in winning, then you have to participate in at least 5 of the 7 challenges.
3. You are allowed 2 pictures an entry.
4. You are allowed only 1 "archive" picture an entry (but try and take new pictures! That's the fun of it!)
5. Have fun!

How to enter:
(You must do all of the things below)
1. Be or become a follower.
2. Enter you photos by email (if you haven’t got a blog).
OR: Enter your photos in a blog post (if you have got a blog), make sure you link up in a comment!
3. Spread the word! Photo challenges are so much more fun if we have more people involved!

The prize is “something” that is going to be made by NonPareil design and it’s something totally cute and vintage! But I won’t tell you what it is until the photo challenge is underway *cheeky smile*.
It’s something that every girl needs wants! 

As to this Button below--for those who have blogs, please take it and place it on your blog to spread the word! The only thing you have to do it copy and paste the html code that's below and replace the [ with < and the ] with >
Does that make sense?


  1. Interesting! I'll think more about it, thanks for telling me about it! :)

  2. Oh I love it - I'll send a note to myself to remember this one! Have a great week.

  3. WOOHOO!
    Yay! I'm soooooo excited and DEFINITELY entering!!!!!!!!!! It will definitely be a challenge (I can already think of things I want to do, but thats the problem... I don't want to do what EVERYONE else will be doing)....
    anyway, thanks to Yours Truly for hosting this!
    God bless!

  4. Btw. I just wanted to tell you that the post where I spread the word about that capturing creation thing got the 2nd most page veiws on my entire blog! That means that you might have a lot of people do this capturing creation thing!
    Good luck!

  5. Hey, "Nzkiwigirl." I do have an e-mail address, but it is via Cox, not Googlemail, Yahoo, or hotmail? Could I be an exception? Because I'd love to enter this! :-) Thanks!

  6. Hi Vanessa,
    Sure, you can be an exception! I'd love to have you enter! The more the merrier. How did you find my blog btw?
    Have a blessed day.

  7. Yay! So you're saying I can enter even though I don't have a blog? I could e-mail the pics... I found your blog through Mod Style Lounge's modest fashion show, and loved it! :-) Good job!

  8. Vanessa,
    Yup I sure am! You can just send me the photos via email--when the photo challenge theme is posted--to the email address that I'll put up on Wednesday.

  9. Fabulous! :-) Thank you! This looks cool...

  10. just stumbled across your blog tonight and i love your shots! i am VEry new to the photography game, but look forward to learning. count me in on your photo challenge!

  11. I'm visiting thanks to Ashley having a submission on her Scavenger Hunt today. I have got the perfect shot for your challenge.

  12. Thanks for the reply - I hope to link in for Monday morning.

    I just saw your profile - I think you might be interested in this real life Narnian trail write up I did on my gardening blog back in April.


  13. Ok, I'm horrible at this techy stuff so I can't get your linky button thingamajig to work!

    New to photographry too and have no photoshop :( But thanks for the inspiring challenge. Found you through Ashley's blog.


  14. Awesome! I hope it's not too late to enter, because it sounds like lots of fun!