9 November 2010

Tagged By Beloved Star # 2!

Hi ya'll! Yup, I've been tagged again! Fun fun. The idea is to share your 7 likes, 8 hates and 1 love. Only, I don't just "like" many things...I usually love them, so the likes are kinda loves if you know what I mean. Is that cheating?? lol Here goes!

2. TEA!
3. Reading....bring on the reading!
4. Sunny days
5. WARM days
6. HOT days!
7. Anything Regency/Vintage/Victorian!

1. Jaffa Cakes...yuck!
2. Stopping movies right when they're getting to a good bit.
3. Getting wet socks and shoes
4. Sticky hands
5. Getting cold...being cold...thinking about the cold
6. When people put plastic bags in a sink full of water (sounds silly I know, but I hate it!)
7. Child murder
8. People stopping me from reading a book when I'm up to a really good part! lol

Can I please have more than one?? Please?
1. My Heavenly Father and anything to do with NZ (which includes my family, friends, church, my country and my home!)

I Tag:

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Emily--Emily's Cancer Blog
Polka Dot
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