14 December 2010

A Few More Photo Challenges...

Photo challenges are great! I love them. They're like bokeh and sun flare. Is there a helpline for all three?

This is Allie's photo challenge. This week's theme is Bokeh.

Ok, so obviously you knew this was coming right? Hehe. I'm so naughty. But I do so love to be naughty!
Do you like the watermark?

This is a new one for me! Go and check out Rebecca's blog!

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Yum. 
It's kinda a shame that I stirred it before I took a picture coz it looked pretty before! 
Mum made me this one. Thanks mum:-) 
I did some different-ish editing on this one. How do you like the processing?

Yah! So I'm finally getting round to entering in iheartfaces. I've wanted to for so long!
This week's theme is pet faces.

Sorry, I changed the watermark again. Not to be annoying or anything. Only I was on a different editing 
Anyway, this is our old, adorable, much-missed, totally cute and gorgeous dog. 
She is SO SO SO beautiful. I miss her!

By the by, go and check out Dezzy's blog and help her get to 25 followers! She's gonna have a photo challenge when she gets to 25 followers, so go and have a look! She has a gorgeous wee blog and she is a darling wee poppet (I hope you don't mind me calling you a poppet Dezzy! lol).

Days of Destiny


  1. I like the way her head is tilted to the side---as though she is asking a question....Nicely done!...

  2. Love the bokeh shot! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love all three of your entries for photo competitions this week! your pup is adorable.

  4. Great photo! She does look very beautiful.

  5. Wonderful pet shot! I love the face, the tilt of the head, and the connection in the eyes.

  6. What a sweet face. Great photo!

  7. i love how his head is cocked to the side. Adorable.

  8. Your dog is lovely especially that pose for the camera - I'm sure you really do miss her. That coffee looks so good too :)