15 December 2010

Day 5: Let There Be the Sea Creatures and Birds

Photo Challenge # 5!

Day 5: Let There Be the Sea Creatures and Birds.
"Then God said, "Let the waters abound with an abundance of of living creatures, and let the birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens." " --Genesis 1:20

-Capture sea animals and/or birds in a creative way. Whether they be seals, fish, seagulls, eagles or sparrows, just creatively capture them! Birds are always around us, so they shouldn't be too hard to catch:-) And sea animals, well, why not plan a trip to the beach? Lol, that's a joke for those who are in the middle of winter!
Remember: Pray.

Here are my 2 entries for an example. If you haven't already heard or entered into Capturing Creation then click here and please read ALL the info. For more information click here.

I have already shown this picture before, but I thought it would fit with this category!

This is an archive piccy.
Of a bird of prey in Auzzie! Amazing eyes...

For those without blogs, here is the email address that you will need:
Please tell me if you have any problems with sending photos to this email address! For those of you emailing please attach the photos to email rather than sending them through picasa etc.

Also, if you have a blog and you are going to make a blog post, then make sure you link up in a comment!

PLEASE READ: You have from Wednesday (today) to next Tuesday (a day before the next photo challenge) to enter your pictures. That way it makes it easier for the time differences in different countries.

You also have to of entered into at least 5 of the days to win the prize...but if you just want some fun then go ahead!

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  1. Capturing Creation Day 5
    I'm did the best I could with what I had! :) (I'm landlocked and a shoddy living things photographer ha) Really enjoying this though!


  2. I love the photo of the seconed bird! I've always wanted to go to Auzzie! I've heard that it's AMAZING! My friend went a few weeks ago and stayed for 3 weeks! When she got back, she showed me tons of photos that she took there and it made me want to go to Auzzie even more!

  3. The eyes of that bird are just incredible looking - you certainly got up close to that one. We see a few birds of prey here - they normally are sitting on top of the road signs along the motorway.

    Here's my link


  4. Thankyou NZKIWIgirl:) for your comment - the first photo I did in HDR to make the sky more dramatic. I took a few short videos of the salmon leaping - if you like you can check them out at this link - not sure if you have salmon leaps in NZ.


  5. Have sent you my photo.

  6. I put my entries on my blog a few minutes ago! I hope you like them! It was hard to get a picture of a bird because of where I live so I used an archive picture from when I was in Florida last summer! The other picture isn't an archive though! Enjoy!

  7. Here's the link to my post...

    Merry Christmas!