29 December 2010

I am blessed.

Right now I am thinking about a DSLR camera.
I want one.
I don't have one.
I do have my camera. My lovely darling camera. Oh well, so it's not SLR quality, and the pictures aren't as good. But I can take pictures on my bridge camera--my Canon Baby. Hannah from Aspire taught me a good lesson about gratefulness. And it's a keeper.

Happiness is: old, yellow taxi cars. They make me giddy.
They just look so awesome! Why don't we use these any more?

Join in at Carlotta's weekly photo challenge!

Show and Tell Self Portrait--Sitting.
Here is one thing you all should know about me:
I don't like doing selfies.
I think that I should be behind the camera, not in front of it. But, I wanted to practice taking a selfie coz I'm really not good at taking them. Please tell me what you think!

Yes, that's me with my glasses on...eeck. Some people wanted to see what I looked like with them on.
I don't usually do sepia, but I thought it looked vintage on this photo.

I had fun doing vintage-y processing on this one!
Haha, my hair is frizzing up in just about every place imaginable...

Photography love...

As you can see....the new look is here! How do you find it? Is the one post blog easier?
The Fun Page will be going soon, once Capturing Creation has finished and I decided to keep the Reviews page on. Please comment and tell me what you think!


  1. I love it all - new blog look and your vintage selfies.

    I don't have an slr either though I've started passing hints to my husband but so far he's not impressed with the idea.......maybe in a few more years I might have convinced him. I'm grateful that he did buy a really good point and shoot a few years ago for me that does quite alot that a slr does only I would love to get to lower and higher f stops than my camera allows........ but that's more expense as it's fancy lens that I would need aswell.

  2. I love the post processing of the first photo :)

  3. I think your photos are lovely! :)

  4. I support anyone who wants a DSLR, they do make things fabulous, BUT, some of my favorite pictures ever have come from a 7+ year old Sony point and shoot. You can still do lots of great work with what you have. Oh,and you rock those glasses, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  5. OMGosh seriously! I love taxi's!! They are super awesome. I wish I drove one, like as my personal vehicle! This picture put a huge smile on my face :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. You may not suit glasses, but glasses suit you. They look lovely on you, and the selfie is really well done also.

    I love the new winter look. Bit strange, seeing as it's summer over here, but there it is. Looks very pretty. (And I'm joining you in dreaming about DSLRs)