10 January 2011

Finalists of Capturing Creation!

So here comes the moment you've been waiting for.
But before I announce the finalists (from which will come the winner), I would like to say: Well Done! You all did a marvellous job, and all of your pictures were great! 
So, without further ado....the 3 finalists are: 

Rosie took beautiful pictures; they were amazingly stunning, creative and spectacular.
Well done Rosie!

Max took amazing pictures; they were crisp, very unique and artfully captivating.
Neat job Max!

Jayne from J.L.S Photography 
(unfortunately Jayne doesn't have a blog)
Jayne took brilliant pictures; they were truly creative, great quality and joyfully bright.
Great work Jayne!

Sorry that not all the pictures are in order and that they aren't categorized! I am impossibly muddle-brained today; organizing and putting 3 slide-shows in was all my poor wee pea-brain could manage:-)
The winner shall be announced tomorrow...so keep watching!

For those finalists who have a blog, here are some buttons you can display on your blogs!

P.S. Check out this amazing give-away, you really don't want to miss this one!


  1. I saw your comment on my sister's blog...YES BUSH IS AWESOME! (From Hornblower. :-)


    I enjoyed looking at your blog. :-)

  2. ahhhhhh thankyou

    Max's moon is awesome and was so creative with that whale shot - that one made me laugh and I just love that picture of the red admiral butterfly by Jayne. I spent all summer chasing butterflies around the garden and I think I got only one shot of a red admiral. I must start to take some pictures of passages from the bible too one day - those ones of Jaynes are great especially the one with the underlining under the words.

    Psst ...that link to the give away isn't working

  3. Congrats to the fines! BTW, I awarded you on my blog, nzkiwigirl!

  4. Thank you very much, nzkiwigirl (is Kieron your real name? if you don't want to say, that's fine). :)

    I saw the finalists announcement yesterday but didn't get around to leaving a comment.

    Although all of the entries were/are interesting, I'm pretty sure leavesnbloom photography is going to be the winner; her photos are excellent.

  5. Hello again Jess, thanks for bearing with me. :)
    Now I have a real name to call you, which makes me feel more like I'm talking a real person...not that I wasn't before, but without a real name - I think you know what I mean.

    Even though I don't remember seeing it previously, I was pretty sure Kieron was a male name because I'd heard of the Gaelic name, Ciàran, which I'd read in a Clannad CD insert and saw that it was pronounced "Kieron".

    I'd seen both the e-mail address and name on "your" Picasa albums, so even though it occurred to me that you could just be using that e-mail address, I wasn't sure.

  6. Oh thank you for having me a finalist! Sorry, unfortunately when you posted this I had no internet, so I couldn't see it! But anyway, thank you!

    Oh, and congratulations to you, leavesnbloom!