4 January 2011


Time for a random, miscellaneous post! Inspired by Pioneer Woman (she is one of the major bloggers...what an amazing blog/website).

I haven't put up a blog post for a number of days....botheration. But you already know that.

I hate being sick. I slept for 3 hours this afternoon, which is something I never do. I thought that I had only slept for ten minutes or so--haha.....lame.

Please excuse this sporadic and weird post--I'm stupid when I'm sick!

I don't know how I would live without tea. Literally.

I love Cadbury's Mini Eggs....boy oh boy. They are so good. Does anyone agree with me?

I really want to do another photo-shoot with someone. They are so much fun! I'd love to try an outside one, rather than a studio one.

This is one that I enjoyed doing a lot!
Gorgeous mother, cute baby...gotta love it.

I heart Hornblower. I'll do a post/review on this A & E series soon!

Are we really in 2011?

I love curry...and my dad makes the best curries ever.

I have a secret weakness for Doctors (speaking of actors here!)...ok, so I totally made that up. It's not a secret. I think that every actor should act as a doctor. Seriously. All Doctors are just plain awesome.

I haven't taken a picture in days. I really need to sort myself out!

I keep using .... or points of ellipsis; gosh, look how many times I've used them!

Want to share some miscellaneous talk?

Love from,



  1. I'm sorry you're sick. :P I am getting over a cold, too. I love that teacup photo! And I absolutely love the Hornblower series.

    So which doctors do you love?

  2. I hate being sick too! I am sick right now! I can't slip! I am miserable... I suprised I made it too the computer this morning...

  3. I hope you feel better soon. :)