20 January 2011

Polka Dot Days Dress!

NonPareil Design presents....

One completely amazing polka dot dress (named in honour of Polka Dot!)!
I l.o.v.e it.
It is a capped sleeved, knee-lengthed, slim-waisted and an extremely elegant dress. "Polka Dot" is very vintage, and great for those days when you feel like you want add an extra pop! to your outfit. 
Looks fantastic when worn with a pair of heels, a red lip, the cat-eye eyeliner flick and a smart cardi. 
Size 8-10.

Ok, so first off. I don't usually model for my sisters clothes. But my sister wanted me to try it on and I did, with good grace and then I was trapped into a photo-shoot! But I did enjoy getting all dressed up:-)

Plus, my sister took some really good pictures.

Please note that I went through great self control--it was freezing! lol

You can see the neckline there and of course, a good old pout.

I'm not really into posting pictures of myself; in fact I don't like it. But my sister really wanted me to put them on and I really wanted you all to see the dress
*leave a comment saying how great it is! My sister will appreciate it:-) But I didn't say anything, right?*

This dress was named in honour of Polka Dot because I know how she likes polka dots and I love her blog! I can see you wearing this dress, Polka Dot!

God bless!!



  1. Oh I love polka-dots!!! And this dress is amazing!!! I mean it! =) I would so wear it.


  2. Gorgeous pics! And that dress is just breath taking.

  3. These are seriously good shots - and you are beautiful Jess in the photos. Polka dots are a classic - they never date.

  4. I love th dress.
    You are so beautiful.