15 January 2011

A Baby Boy and Swapping Camps....

I am now a third-time-round Aunty!
My newest nephew was born on the 10th (a day before his due date), and at 8.4lb he is a healthy baby.
His name is Nathan James. I was all for Benjamin--but hey. I love the nickname Nate.
 All babies look so funny when they are first born. Wrinkly, red, dry and altogether like little turtles!

My other nephew and my niece love him so much--though my niece has pretty much decided that Nathan is hers. I love it how my nephew is just sitting there, with a look of patient resignation as my niece takes claim on Nathan!

These pictures were taken by my sister, and it's so sad that I can't see my newest little chap! But I know that he is safe, healthy and warm in NZ. How I wish I could see all three of my little monkeys!

Now, on another note.
I have been thinking and looking and comparing of late.
Canon Rebel T2i.
Nikon D3100.

Which one is best?
I know that the Nikon is cheaper (in the USA), but I know that the Canon has better mega-pixels and better zoom; I know that Nikon has a better lens range; I know that Canon is reliable; I know that Nikon has the best professional SLRs; I know that Canon is easy to use; I know that Nikon takes amazing pictures.....the list is endless.

Which would you recommend? 
Though ultimately price range will help me make my decision when I get my SLR. One day. Still, I would like to know what you all think.

I'm off now. Going into town:-)

God bless



  1. I'm trying unsuccessfully to encourage my husband to buy me a slr so I'll be interested in what feedback you get as I am wondering the same thing. Maybe if you asked the question on a scavenger hunt post you might get even more answers.

    I know what it's like when family live far away - especially when there is a new arrival. I only saw my twin nephew and niece for the first time last year and they were born 8 years ago.

    I also love the smell of newborn babies - it's like marzipan.

  2. Congrats on the new nephew! In my opinion you should get the Canon Rebel, my mom has one and it is fantabulous!

  3. ahhhhh so cute! I love that name! I actually love BOTH names haha!!

    Im a fan of the Nikons myself.. but Canon is good too haha! But I'd go with the Nikon myself :)

  4. Congratulations!!! I was going to ask when she was due because I new it was coming up. He's a handsome wee laddie.

    So...you coming over to see him?

  5. Thanks everyone! He is cute (or at least he will be once he has recovered from his wrinkly and red state:-)).
    Lise, Haha. Flights are soooo expensive! And no job = no money! LOL.
    Thanks everyone for your advice!
    God bless

  6. I am currently saving for the Canon...so that's what I vote for! :)

  7. Well, I think you can already guess what I say, so I shall save you from reading it. :) Aww your nephew is so cute!!!!
    Oh, and by the way, congratz on 50 followers!

  8. Congrats on the new nephew! I just got a Canon t1i, and I don't really know much about the t2i, but I love the t1i! :)

  9. Nikons for me too. I hang on to all (five) of them, and love them all. Do occasionally borrow my husband's Canon though.
    I love my latest D300, but never switch lenses. Ideally I would like a body for every lens :-)
    One can dream.

  10. Going off what you said & told me;
    Definitely Nikon! As for the megapixels, after ten megapixels it really doesn't matter. Your eye can only see up to 10 megapixels anyway, and unless you are intending on printing photos big enough to cover your wall, I think 12-14 MP should do you just fine! :) Actually 10-12 should be fine. With megapixels, I suppose you could want more so you can zoom way in and crop it and still have good resolution, but it would be smarter to just use optical zoom before you take the photo, instead of zooming in and cropping after (as I'm sure you know). So the lower amount of MP's on the Nikon shouldn't matter too much.
    As for zoom, it only depends on the lenses. I suppose if it comes with a kit lens, and you aren't planning on purchasing another one, you may want to buy the one with a larger zoom (Canon), BUT, if you get Nikon which may or may not have a lens included in the set, even if the zoom is less than the Canon, you can always buy another zoom lens and switch it out with whatever one comes along with the Nikon D3100. But, you may not wish to have to buy another zoom lens, if one comes with the camera. But if it is only the camera bodies being bought, then definitely Nikon!
    If it isn't, and you desperately want a good zoom, then just go with Canon.
    All in all, I think price will win out in the end. :)