24 January 2011

Survey results...!

Ever since I've been getting feed-back from the survey that I put out I had been meaning to do a post about it and answer some questions that people asked.

Some people said they had problems finding posts and pages and whatnot.
After changing it mainly to a one post blog, did that help? Please do tell!

Quite a few readers wanted more natural beauty videos.
Did you all really like them that much?
 I do like doing them--only the lighting in my house isn't very good. But maybe I will try and do one every month!

A number of peeps said they wanted vlogs (updates on video).
Would you like that? Or is that just lame?

Nearly everybody said they liked Photography posts best.
I can see how that would be--coz those are the ones I like best too:-) I've started doing more random, photography posts now. And I couldn't help posting a picture;-)

Most folks said they liked Fashion posts best as well. 
My sister has made some new and totally awesome designs; I have just posted one of the latest NonPareil Designs here. But there are more to come!

Everyone was really helpful and lovely!
Thanks so much everyone for your comments and help with this one; you are all great wonderful. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about then look to the sidebar and take the Friend Survey!

Au Revoir Mes Amies!
Till next time,

♥ Jess ♥


  1. Vlogs, photography posts and MLM are the things I like. :)

    But I say yes to vlogs!!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say about the technical difficulties & now that its all one blog post: as for me, it's actually been harder finding stuff, for me it was a ton easier when I knew the updates were on the updates page, NonPareil on the Nonpareil page, etc. etc. , BUT, with it all one blog page it's been nice in the sense that I know when there is a new post right away.
    But these are only my opinions -- others may think differently.

  3. Hi Jayne!
    If you want to see posts that I have done in the past--then you can just press the "older posts" button and go through them that way, if you think you might of missed a post. Does that help?