28 March 2011

Scavenger Hunt Monday?

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (I know, how slack am I, doing it on a Monday!) has rolled around again. 
And I'm glad of it.
I've missed doing it, even though I wasn't the most diligent of bloggers with SHS!

1. Decay (old/abandoned)
Winter shall leave and hide it's face.
For we shall see Spring again.

2. Groups of Three
I had fun with this. 
And I had fun memories of my little monkeys:-)

3. Kitchen
Ok. I had problems with this one.
My self portraits were not doing it for me (joining into Paper Heart Mama's Selfie challenge).
So I went for something a little different!
It's weird I know. But whenever I'm in the Kitchen, I always have a hot drink in my hand.

Photography love...

4. Things that make you go "hmmmm"
One thing that certainly makes me go "hmmm".
TimTams are simply amazing!
They only make them in NZ and AU.

5. "Me"Time
For me, "me" time is going for a walk.
Or sitting in the garden, in the sunshine, reading a book.
Or taking pictures of what I see around me.
This was one poor unsuspecting object; I was reading in the garden (yes, even in the sunshine!) and this caught my eye.

Au Revoir Mes Amies!


  1. Love your kitchen shot! The stripes and polka dot cotrast are perfect! All your others are great also!

  2. Always love your pictures!! And as for the hot tea, I know how that is, but mine is coffee *takes sip* haha :) love your signature btw :) so lovely!!!! How'd you do it??????

  3. Fantastic shots. I love your "group of 3". What a doll!

  4. I really like your "Kitchen" picture! Pretty!

  5. Great job - your group of three is so cute!

  6. Great shots for the scavenger hunt! :) I really like your kitchen shot. The perspective is perfect! :)

  7. love love love the groups of three

  8. Jess, the groups of three one is absolutely beautiful.