25 March 2011

Aviator Betty

"There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings."
Wilbur Wright 1905

One who operates an aircraft; a pilot.
[French aviateur, from aviationaviation; see aviation.]

May I be so bold as to introduce to you all, my dear readers:

Aviator Betty.

Ok. So you noticed.
It's my sister.

Household6Diva FotoFriday

Killer look for the photographer here. Daggers...

Not sure how they all turned out to be vertical pictures. I don't usually do that.

(Theme: Spring. The Spring sun makes me so happy!)

Aha! I knew I spoke too soon. Voila, a horizontal picture:-)

Oh, I love doing portrait photography!

Ok. Last one. 
Boy, I can't wait to get an SLR...when O when will it come?
Praying hard....though it's a completely selfish prayer. 

How has your week been going?

Have any fun photo shoot moments to share?


  1. I love all the pictures! you're a great photographer! :)

  2. Beautiful lighting... love your edits!

  3. The next to last one is very very pretty!!! :)

  4. Beautiful! I love the third one.

  5. they are all so beautiful.. Love your composition, the angles, the lighting.. and those flares.. awesome...

  6. I think these all came out GREAT!!! Love the sun flares!! Love the reflection in the horizontal photo.
    Have a good one!!

  7. Bethy in control of an aircraft? Hahah...I mean...gorgeous pics :P I love the second to last one especially.

  8. Ditto what Lise said. I think Lise wishes I was as photogenic as Beth is. Actually, I don't think, I know. :)

  9. LOVE THESE PHOTOS! They are BRILLIANT! Especially love the 5th one...but then again I LOVE the 1st and 2nd.... but I also really like the 4th...hmm..but I just love them all! :)

  10. I adore these photos, you rocked them out! Awesome sunflare photo, thanks for linking up!

  11. Okay, I know I already commented on this, but I was looking through these photos again and I still can't get over how AMAZING Bethy looks and how good and creative your photography looks!

  12. Also, what was the inspiration for the name 'Aviator Betty'? ... I just mean WHY is Bethy a pilot? :)

  13. how come your sisiter is so awesome loking?!?!?!?!?!