20 March 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Oh, I have been so slack.
I know it.
But! I have many aspirations to enter more photo challenges and challenges of other sorts too:-)
So, here are my entries for SHS:

1. Camera Phone.
A good friend who was photograph-ing us on her phone. I snapped her though!
 My Dad does have an iphone, but I don't usually take pictures with it, as I prefer a good ol' camera.
My Dad always teases me that his pictures (taken by his iphone) are better than mine!

2. Camera.
I kind of struggled with this one, as I don't have a neat, old, vintage camera to take pictures of.
If anyone has one too many vintage beauties, then please, send one my way!

3. Shoes.
My one weakness: taking pictures of shoes. It's true. I confess it.

4. Chair.
Ok, so this is kind of cheating in a sense! But my nephew and my brother went on this sled thing (which does have a chair in it) that was attached to the back of a car and boy did that little man enjoy it!
In fact, I think both of them did ;-)

5. Imperfection.
The imperfection of love....and...sand? haha

God bless and love to you all!



  1. What a cool "imperfection" shot! Nice!

  2. Nice shots!!!

    I love your imperfection photo!!!

  3. Someone has a shoe fetish...

  4. I like the shoe shot and I love the creativity of the sand for imperfection. It is one perfect imperfection! Great!

  5. Love your imperfection shot, very creative!

  6. I love the imperfection shot! And the camera shot! Great pictures! :)


  7. Love your imperfection shot! Very creative. Great job with the prompts!

  8. Oh wow, your last shot is gorgeous! I must try that at the beach this summer, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. These are great - love your imperfection shot!

  10. Love the (im)perfect sand heart. Take care. xxx

  11. I'm with Ashley - all great shots! Imperfection is my fave!

  12. Love the imperfection shot! How joyous your brother and nephew look. Sweet!
    I especially like the unique stance in the shot of shoes. :)

  13. Great shots...really love how creative you were with your imperfection shot - lovely! :)

  14. I love your imperfection shot. It's so creative, neat, and beautiful. Great job. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  15. Oh that is such a good imperfection shot and I love how you set up the shoe shot.

  16. Your imperfection shot is VERY cool and I love your camera take. I don't have a cool vintage camera either and all these pictures of them make me want one!!

  17. great shots! love the last one and the shoes one :-)

  18. I think the "Camera" shot looks pretty interesting, even though the subject isn't a vintage camera. Maybe I'll link up late for this week's SHS; I took some photos of my grandfather's Canon EOS 5D Mk II, which I got to use for a week. :)

  19. Oh my goodness darling your photography is SO AMAZING!!! i hope to be as good as you one day! Seriously! My momma saw your pictures and she goes, 'Oh wow she's good! You need to hire her' hehe :) Moms are so smart!

    Those pictures were genius! Plus, your nephew looked adorable :) okay your brother looked adorable too haha :)


  20. I LOVE your shoe and your imperfection......They are all really great!!!