13 April 2011

It's a Girl.

"It's a girl."
The midwife replied to the mother's anxious look.
The mother of the new born child smiled faintly and held her arms out for the baby.
"A girl." 
The mother repeated.
"A big girl too. Well done love, you did a good job."
The midwife moved away from the bed and allowed room for another anxious face.
"A girl! Let me hold her!"
The weary forth-time-round mother passed the baby to the father, who sat beside her with a huge grin.
As the father sat holding the child, the midwife came up to her and told her the baby's details.
"She was born at exactly 6:30pm, weighs 9.4lb and is very healthy. I'll just go and get the nurse to bring in the bath."

That baby was born 16 years ago, to this very day.
And that baby was me.
In other words, it's my birthday!

16 years, 13 places, one Saviour, 5844 days, one home, 140,256 hours.
I do love birthdays so. They say, when you get older, that you get bored of birthdays, but no matter how old I get, I will always love....presents.
It's true.
I confess it.
I love presents!

I'll do a post soon with pictures of some of the things I got as some people have asked what I got via email anyway.


  1. Salut!
    Happy birthday!!
    Joyeux anniversaire!! =)


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Jess!
    Great location in this shot. :)

  4. Aw you had me wondering who had a wee girl...so glad it was your parents :P Hope you had a lovely day cupcake.

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Jess! I hope you had a lovely day! :)

  7. Sorry I didn't e-mail, but 1,000,000,000 happy birthdays from me 2 days late.

    Luv you.

  8. Happy Belated birthday!! (from me) Love the way you did this post.