12 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Tuesday?

Sunday came around with Scavenger Hunt, but I seemed to of missed Sunday and Monday altogether so I'm doing it on Tuesday. 
Welcome to my daily life.
I miss days.

1. Motion
Nothin' like a game of footie! Watch the action in this kick.

2. Waiting to Click
I got the lil critter. Only just.

3. Fashion
So I kinda went a little different for this one. But I love pearls and thankfully they are in fashion! 
A girls best friend should definitely be pearls 
.....or her camera. 

4. Animals perspective
I'm thinking, a squirrels perspective.
A squirrel.

{sneak peak of the Curly Dots post}

5. Many
i. love. daffodils.

Photography love...

How has your week been? Missed any days lately?


  1. These are so great - I love that animal perspective shot. There are more? Can't wait!

  2. Beautiful! My favorite would be waiting to click. Awesome job!

  3. I haven't done scavenger hunt for 2 weeks - just not enough time these days. I loved your selection though I went eekk when I saw your ladybird as that's a harlequin - it's got too many spots to be one of the UK native species and I know one university in Liverpool that are recording sightings of harlequin ones.

  4. Awesome, Jess! You totally took that from a different way!!!!!