17 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

I am so proud of myself.
Doing Scavenger Hunt Sunday on a Sunday?!
Beyond the bounds of believability.

1. Time
This clock was from an old church, I love it how all churches have cute clocks!
2. Poetry
I love this poem and the way it's read on Sense and Sensibility.
I'm not really into poetry (sad of me, I know), but this one is beautiful.
3. Outside
Spring bokeh. Kill me now.
4. Zoom (or from the car)
Our friend, taken from the backseat of a car, outta the window, while there is a yelling person on the sled behind. Gotta love the cobwebs on a farmers car.
He is such a poser.
5. Isolation
I'm thinking that this lil fella is pretty isolated. But so cute.

Scavenged any photos lately?


  1. Firstly congrats on getting your post done for a Sunday :)

    That little flower in the poetry shot has a great depth of field. I never liked poetry at school but appreciate it all the more now. Now how did you get a bokeh like that! - it looks as if there's a radical blur going on in the background aswell.Those must be some colourful bushes in the distance.

    Enjoyed seeing your shots Jess.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and I love your poetry! Shakespeare's Sonnet #116 is by far my favorite- I almost used it in the Scavenger Hunt!

  3. I really love your poetry photo!

  4. Great work girl - I really love the spring bokeh!

  5. Lovely!! I especially love your time shot!

  6. Love your isolation shot. I also really like your time shot. Nice job.

  7. I love Sonnet 116, and I too first discovered it on Sense and Sensibility, but I must say my favourite reading of it was at the end of Lark Rise to Candleford Series 2 during the wedding scene. You tubing now...

    I also love your clock photo! And congrats for getting it done on time :P

  8. I love your photos! The Zoom shot is so creative! The cobwebs show character. :)

  9. So pretty!!! I lvoe the car mirror :D