18 April 2011

Polyvore Disney Princess: Snow White

Oh, Snow White.
She's so funny.
With her warbling and her puffed sleeves!
I can't help but like her though, and her little dwarf friends.
Snow White

"Someday my prince will come
Someday I ‘ll find my love
And how thrilling that moment will be
When the prince of my dreams comes to me
He’ll whisper I love you
And steal a kiss or two
Though he’s far away I’ll find my love someday
Someday when my dreams come true"

{Sung by Snow White}

Here are few other polyvore sets that I have made lately!
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you are my sunshine

Which one is your favourite?

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I know this is not a new post but I just wanted to comment!
    I really like the yellow dress! On "You are my Sunshine!"
    Hehe great job!