20 April 2011

Spring Be Mine

Spring is so beautiful.
It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and go outside to hear the birds singing and feel the fresh grass between your fingers.

To see blossoms falling and fruit growing,

To breath in the fresh morning air and think how glad you are to be alive.

To capture spring bokeh in a blissful state of happiness,

To see the sun streaming through the leaves and the breeze dancing around you,

To smell the daffodils and see their happy, yellow faces.

I am glad Spring is here.
How about you?


  1. Oh, Jess....how I wish I could be there! Spring is the most beautiful time of year. That river shot is so very pretty! Is that near your house? Do think of us here, enduring the frigid nights...

  2. You've captured spring so well Jess especially with that beautiful river scene and the light streaming through those fresh green leaves. Your macro is great with another cool bokeh and I would love to have one of those red iconic telephone boxes in my portfolio...... is it still working?

    Seriously Jess you must pop over to my nature blog and see what I discovered last week while out for a stroll one evening. I've been told to keep their location a secret aswell. This is one thing you could go out hunting for down in England aswell just now


  3. WOW!!!! Awesome pictures!!!!! So wonderful! Love the last one the most!

  4. Did you get a new camera?? Because bokeh seems to be your friend much more recently! Or did you just discover a new technique?
    I know you would tell me though if you'd gotten a new camera.... are you using someone else's, did you get one, or do you just have a new special technique?
    Anyway, beautiful captures!!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Lise, no the river isn't next to our house; it's about 40mins away. I wish you could be here to cupcake!
    Jayne, no I don't have a new camera! Thanks though. I've just learnt a new technique. How is your camera-selling/searching going?

  6. How did you get your bokeh like that? It's looking very good, espcially the first photo.

  7. Hi Lise!
    I've found a new way of getting bokeh; though it helps if you have a super macro. And it also helps if you have a max aperture of 2.7. Which, unfortunately, quite a number of cameras don't. But, try this! Put your camera in Manual, then set your aperture at your max (or lowest number: 3.5 or something) and then put it in macro (I find this is best for blurred backgrounds when one doesn't have an SLR!). Use trees/bushes with light streaming through for the best circle bokeh. Hope that helps?

  8. Thanks :) It would help if I could adjust my aperture...unfortunately there are things you can't do with compact point-and-shoots!! Your camera isn't a compact so it can do a bit more than mine. I *always* shoot in manual though. One day when I shall have a camera with an adjustable aperture!

  9. Ooops! Sorry, I didn't realize! I thought that point and shoots could do that! Forgive me.

  10. No prob! Some of them can, but mine can't...you've seen how tiny it is. It's better than a lot of P&Ss but it can't do everything. Ah well. It serves its purpose and it's a pretty good first camera.

  11. Congratulations on your new technique!!
    Yes--ALWAYS shoot on the biggest (lowest) aperture possible for depth of field (as you know). I always need it on the biggest aperture for lighting too because I'm always shooting in low light. I hadn't thought about the macro/super macro though.
    Well my quest for my DSLR is getting there a bit too slowly for me, but I'm using a friend's D200! until I get my new one. Which, I've been thoroughly enjoying :) I'll send you some photos! :)