29 May 2011

Beauty Photo Contest Finalists + Winner

It's time.
To reveal the four finalists and winner.
Wow, that was dramatic.

Finalist # 1
I loved how fresh and clean this picture was and how it depicted a Mother's love so beautifully.
The exposure is perfect and so is the focus. Nice job Charlie!

Finalist # 2
I loved how this picture was of a bee. A little, hard-working, buzzing, happy bee.
The focus is just right and it is so crisp and clear.
Beautiful Allie!
The link to it is here, because the picture is private, would you mind sending it to me Allie?

Finalist # 3
I love this picture, the sunflare is gorgeous and I love how perfectly silhouetted the two "love-birds" are!
This is beautiful Kelsey!

Finalist # 4
Wow. I loved this picture. The silhouetted grass, the bright sunset, the clouds.
So beautiful. Well done Kristi!

The Winner is.....


Your picture was so pretty, surreal and just plain beautiful. Email me with your address Kristi and tell me what item you want from Christina's shop!
Thanks for everyone who entered! 


  1. Congrats to the finalists and winner! All of your photos were great! :)

  2. Wow, I'm happy!
    Thank you so much darling!
    I've sent you an email!
    Lots of love