30 May 2011


You know when you just lack inspiration?
I'm having one of those days.
I'm lacking inspiration.
When you write, sigh, erase, have a cup of tea (not sure how that figures into the equation, but it does), frown and write again.

My pictures are consisting mainly of flowers and leaves.
I as much as I love flowers and leaves:
I. need. some. people. 

Warm weather would be nice too.
Just sayin.

If I haven't written some more of My Lady Miriam by Thursday then someone please tell me off.
Tell me that I'm just being lazy and I need to get my act together.

73 Followers?? How crazy is that? You guys are plain awesomeness!! I love you all!
Seriously. You rock.
Not kidding.

P.S. Destiny did a post like this a couple of days ago and when I saw it I was like,
"I have a post JUST like that waiting to be published in my drafts!"
No jokes.
So I'm not stealing or anything, Dezzy!! lol


  1. Love these images - especially the one of the back of the yellow rose.

    Happy Macro Monday

  2. Oh yes, I know those days when I lack inspiration! As my dear cousin used to tell me, writing is 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration. Isn't it funny how tea is indispensible when writing? And if you need some people, feel free to come around whenever you like :P

  3. Great photos--roses are always beautiful. Like the fern leaf too. Mickie :)