9 May 2011

miscellaneous + winner of giveaway!

I thought that I might be mean and announce the winner last, but then I thought better of it, seeing as the Giveaway was "because i love you"!
So, without further ado, the winner is....

Congrats, Dezzy! Email me with your address, so the prize can be sent to you.

{i have a fascination with moustaches at the moment. i am seeing them everywhere.}

{i was inspired by carlotta's idea. her's looks so much more elaborate i know. sigh. i'm working on it.}

I am having some serious longings to go to Spain, Greece, Turkey or some warm, Mediterranean place.
To feel the hot sun on my face, to see the deepest of deep blue seas, to walk out onto the balcony of a white-washed building....
Someone help me here.

{this is what i get up to during thunder storms.}

Me and my sister are having ideas like crazy for selling items on esty.
Any advice, ideas, tips?

{another from the session i had while lying in the grass, grumbling about the weather}

Any miscellaneous "goings on" to share?


  1. Oh, a Poirot moustache! Have you been getting into cross stitching lately?

  2. Moustache!!! IDk how the spell sounds so pretend I made that weird sound people make we they talk about French people!!! hahaha!!! :D