8 May 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I can't say how happy I am to be doing SHS on a Sunday again.
Pure bliss.
I loved Rosie's interpretations for this week; go check them out! But don't compare mine to her's, coz she'd win hands-down.

Not very original I grant you. But strange things strike you as photogenic when you are lying on the grass, wishing that the wind was less cold and the sun brighter.

2. Sprouting
The lil sprout from an onion. So cute.

3. Isn't it Ironic.
How two Pastors can still play a game of Tag. 

4. Lazy
This is actually the opposite, as time is never lazy.
Sometimes I wish that it was, that it would take a break once in a while, and let us catch up on ourselves.
But time is always so diligent.
And never lazy.

5. Smells of Spring
These wee flowers are so, so sweet and they smell so delightful.
They remind that Spring is still here even when it rains (*sob* we have had rain for the past 2 days!).

You still have until midnight to enter the Giveaway! Hurry!


  1. These are fabulous. I love the sprout one. Good job. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  2. love the sprouting shot - and your ironic shot is too cute!!

  3. Great photos for SHS! Love them all - and so true about time and its dilligence. Sprouting is my fav and ironic makes me smile :)

  4. That last shot is beautiful, so soft and ethereal. And I really like your sooc, great flower bokeh.

  5. Great shots, love your sprouting and spring captures.

  6. Love sprouting, ironic and smells like spring! Great job!

  7. Your lazy shot looks like an ad - and that last shot is so dreamy. Sprout looks great and those pastors look like they're having a great time!

  8. I really like the processing and colors in the last flower photo; nice job, Jess. :)

    I decided to join SHS for the first time; if you wanted to see my entry, here it is:

  9. All great shots, love the sprout!


  10. I love, love, love the last photo, totally, I dunno, cool. The ironic shot is pretty sweet as well. Have an awesome day.

  11. I confess I hadn't noticed the last shot until Anne U commented on it. Yes, it is beautiful and ethereal. Well done! How did you do the clock one?

  12. Hi Lise!
    I took the picture of the clock, but found that the SOOC was pretty boring, so I did some more dramatic processing. Cross process, very high saturation, black and white. The background on the picture was already cream/white, so that always helps!

  13. SO COOL!!! Love the Pastors picture!!! It sounds like my Pastor :) He's still a kid at heart! <3

  14. Wow these are just fab Jess - I love that last wee flower - the image is just so soft and dreamy Lise is spot on when she described it as being ethereal. That clock one is just soooooooooo good and do you see that grass shot - you have the same fancy grass flowers that I picked to do as a macro this week for my ironic shot. Thanks for the link up too :)