27 June 2011

beautiful musings on monday

You know it.
A new series of beautiful musings through photos.
Every Monday I'll be doing a post:
muse-ful *I totally made that up* post.
Posting pictures and musing on them.
Ponderings, thoughts, reflections, imaginings,

These flowers are pink.
Their leaves are green.
That's all.

Shall I say it?
I think I shall:

Just because old pictures are cool like that.
And old motorways are even better.

Strawberry smoothies are good.
You know it, I know it, we all know it.

Want to join in? I'd love to read your monday musings!
Link up below and make sure you take the button with you!

beautiful musings on moday


  1. Mmmm.....those photos are sensational. Particularly the "horsefeathers" and the smoothie! So enticing, and such a clever idea.


  2. I posted your guest post: http://dezzysblogerificblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/la-mode-vintage-guest-post-by-jess.html

  3. :) That was fun to make :D and your photos are AMAZING, wish mine were as good! xx

  4. Woops, just read the link- SORRY!! :/ Much love and hugs for being a numpty, butterfly brain! xx

  5. Sorry about my last comment- wrong blog!! Thank you for your comment, it was really kind :) xx

  6. I'll have to do this next Monday.So musings...I'm going to look that up in the dictionary so that I know precisely what my lines are :) Lovely picture. Sierra

  7. Great shots Jess you made a motorway shot look so interesting - love your prose that goes along with them too. Sometime soon I will have to link in.

  8. thx so much 4 the button. wat a lovely idea! plz visit me at http://cubettescorner.blogspot.com/
    hope 2 hear from u!

  9. Drat. I missed the link up. Your pics are great. I love the horse legs.