3 June 2011

I Love You Summer

Today has been a perfect day.
A day of sunshine and gentle breezes.

A day of blue sky and green grass.

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Of looking at life a little hazily.

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Of swinging swings and dreaming dreams.

A day of giggling and outside lunches.

Of shorts and flats and all things summer-y.

A day of perfection.

P.S. Keep a'watching, coz there is a summer-lovin giveaway coming!


  1. Wonderful pictures! They look totally awesome! :D Great job!

  2. Love the POV in all of these! My favorite is the rope and the guitar!

  3. These are some incredible shots!! Love each one...

  4. The colors and light in these photos is very pretty, Jess; nice work. :)

  5. Love the creativity energy of these shots!

  6. The weather has been so good though once it gets nearer 80 degrees like yesterday I'm wilting like the plants LOL.

    Those are great shots Jess especially no4.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. WOW I love this post, and you know what I really love is the inspiration to photograph not just a clear photo but the feeling your photos gave with being out of focus but you still feel the moment.

  8. You have such a unique perspective!

  9. What great photos! I love the photo of the week!

  10. Wow, what interesting shots. I love the light and perspectives!

  11. What an awesome series of stunning shots. You have done a fabulous job with this collection. The light rays are mind boggling, and the blue in the guitar one is fascinating. I could go on and on. Loved every single one of them. Great job.

  12. Oh, these are such pretty, whimsical, and summery shots. Hoorah for perfect days...I could use one of those... =)


  13. Those are soo cool!! Love your new design!!!!

  14. These pictures are PERFECT!! I love the lighting and bokeh in your photos so much! :)

    By the way, is that your dad in the 2nd photo? Just wondering...