2 June 2011

A Day of Dreams

I got to do some serious playing around with an amazing DSLR the other day.
Nikon D200.

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I was in Heaven.

The lenses were so...awesome.
It was a day of dreams.

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I loved it.
So much.

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Man alive, I spent the rest of the day thinking about SLRs and editing the pictures I took with the D200 with many gusty sighs and dreamy looks.

Excuse the blurriness, these were taken inside with my camera (which looked SO tiny) and my sister didn't know it was on Manual.

Yes, I am wearing slippers.
That's how I roll.

How was your week? Any Days full of delicious Dreams?


  1. Those are so cool Jess! You get so into your photography!!!! I was actually lookin at cameras today! Nice ones. Nikon. My dream camera (as of now). Nikon D3000. On Sale. $499. Holy Cow. Don't got enough. Gonna die now. Haha :) I'm blunt aint it!!!! Keep livin the dream Jess!
    And no I never got your email :(

  2. Hi!
    Great series of shots! Love that last one. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Oh, nice camera!! Great shots outdoors!

  4. I love love the pics of the dogs! Is that your dog? I have a lab named Sadie!


  5. Beautiful photos!! I love it all.
    And girl, you can just totally wear slippers any day, anywhere, anytime! Because you're just awesome like that ;) :)) :P
    -Jocee <3

  6. I love the shot you used for texture thursday! I can totally imagine petting him/her!

  7. So cute! And wow! Im jealous--about the camera! Awesome sharpness! Love the lens too!

  8. love your adorable shot and texture..

  9. Fabulous images. The doggies is especially sweet.

    And I wear slippers around, too. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  10. Jess!
    So now you know how I felt! Isn't the D200 AMAZING!?!?!!!!!! I LOVED using it.
    Oh, I love the 1st pic by the way!!

  11. Nicely done here, Jess; I hope you're able to get a DSLR of your own soon. :)
    Now I think you know what it felt like to use my grandfather's 5D MkII and L lenses for a week (I wrote a post a while back about it) and then go back to using my Rebel XS; the MkII was fairly heavy, especially with a big lens and battery grip attached, and my camera really felt like a toy in comparison. :-/ But it was very nice to be able to use the big camera. :)