10 July 2011

divers sunday

otherwise translated as:
miscellaneous sunday
loads of people loved this, so i'm doing it again.

miscellaneous # 1
friends are good. and so are cameras.

miscellaneous # 2
knocking down a garage is fun.
just sayin.

miscellaneous # 3
cameras make the world go around.
like around and around.
and around.

miscellaneous # 4 
apart from looking crazy in the photo above, i love having curls.
these curls last for 3 days!

miscellaneous # 5
i am t-i-r-e-d.
yesterday was day of painting and re-painting fences, knocking garages down, ripping wallpaper off, smashing tiles off bathroom walls, tearing up floors and replacing them, plumbing, and way too much

miscellaneous # 6
french rocks my socks off.
j'adore apprendre le francais
in fact:
je suis francais
or at least i should be.

miscellaneous # 7
laughter is good.
so good.

miscellaneous  # 8
i love vintage processing.
it's like rock 'n roll and daffodils all mixed into one.

miscellaneous # 9
yeah. that's a good note to leave on.
love you all

how has your week been?
any divers musings to share?


  1. Looks like you've had a good time. :)

  2. I loved every one of these - I can vouch for those curls - mine stayed in for ages aswell - I really didn't want to wash them away.

  3. love love love this post! amazing idea :)

  4. Oh I love all those curls!! What do you mean by they last for 3 days???

  5. LOVE the curls!! Sooo pretty! <3
    Much Love xx

  6. Nice Jess...Beth looks like such an imp in the third shot lol!! xx

  7. I love the curly hair theme in the first couple of pics! Im totally inspired! Thanks!

    ---God Bless---
    Bam. I Just Did.

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  8. So cool!!!! Looked like y'all had fun!!!