12 July 2011

my bucket list

because bucket lists are cool like that

1. I absolutely, positively, most definitely must go and see the White Cliffs of Dover.
NO compromise.

2. To travel around the whole of Europe. But not just to travel:
to travel in style.

3. To own (and be blissfully happy with) a Nikon D3100.
add a tripod, remote, tote bag & extra lens to that

4. To drink a coffee in the Eiffel Tower.
wait, it has to be a good coffee.

5. Finish my school work with a squeal, laugh, yell and a dance.
with dignity of course. yeah right.

6. Write four/five/six novels. To actually finish them, even if I don't publish them.
i'll read them to my nieces and bore them to death.

7. Go up in the Swiss Alps and live in a little (but extremely warm!) cabin for a month.
fresh air + alpine flowers + mountain views + cute cabin = paradise

8. To get my own dog.
me and my dog? inseparable.

9. To have a library like Belle got in Beauty & the Beast from the too-awesome Prince Beast fella.
with sliding ladders and everything.

10. Have a fireplace in my house.
that will probably come true.

11. Travel around America and meet all the great Blogger-friends I've got to know and video-interview them.
someone, quickly volunteer to sponsor my would-be 6 month trip. thanks.

12. To have a Town residence and a Country estate like they did in Regency times.
one in London and one in Dover. that's all.

13. To completely surrender myself in every single area to Christ without reservation.
i'm not sure how well it suits the bucket list, but this is one of my all-time, every-day desires

14. To give a cold set-down to a stuck up actor/actress/celebrity.
don't ask.

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  1. Great bucket list! Hope you accomplish every one of them. :) God Bless!

  2. O.K. Paris+coffee(ditto), dog(yess!!!!!!!!) I know that would be so fun to do to some really good looking celeb that everyone hates.I want that Library too!And the sliding ladder that she rides while singing in the beginning.13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fireplaces are so romantic...
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥

  3. Great bucket list! I have some of those goals, too.
    Once we went to visit some relatives, and they had a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast. I was seven, and completely mesmerized by the rows of thick books and the LADDER! Nice blog, I'm now following.
    Do you ever design blog backgrounds for people? I really want a simple gray background or something, and I really like yours :)

  4. Hi again! :)
    Thanks for replying to my comment. I'm definitely interested in a blog design from you, but obviously I can't guarantee anything. I'd love some more details! You can contact me either by a comment on my blog, or at my email: thelesliesisters at gmail dot com. . Thanks!

  5. I'm afraid there's a hole on my bucket list

  6. haha!! NICE! I would LOVE to have a library like Belle!!! XD It was so awesome!!!!!!! And hey, I better be one of those blogger friends!!!!!!

  7. I love this oh-so-much. Please come visit me when you do your Tour de America. ;)