30 July 2011

your questions answered # 2

What is your least favourite colour?
Probably highlighter green or murky brown-green (like dirty pond water)

What is your least favourite food?
Mushrooms. And seafood. Don't even go there.

What is your least favourite movie?
The Mill on the Floss. Oh my wordy, that film is ridiculous.
The ending is atrocious. I can deal with most tragic endings, but this one? So stupid and it's a BBC! I can't believe it. Oh, and The Old Curiosity Shop: also a BBC and also ridiculously tragic.

 If you were going to be stranded on a desert island (somehow) and you could only have 1 thing with 
you (besides your Bible, and, obviously, clothes) what would it be?
Besides Richard Armitage? Just kidding. 
I would take either a phone or lap-top, so I could talk to people. 
I hope this island has electricity? Good.
Oh, and my camera.

If you could of been a co-author to writing whatever book, what would it be?
The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer.

If you could meet one author, who would it be (author of art/book/song/anything)?
Author in the history: Georgette Heyer.
Author in the present: Ree Drummond.

What is your favourite book?
Only one? 
The Corinthian, Frederica, Bath Tangle. Yeah, that was three. I know.

What/who is your favourite band/artist?
Band: Stellar Kart
Artist: Brooke Fraser or Adele

What sleeping position do you tend to sleep in?
This made me crack up! 
On my side, with my knees bent.
It takes usually three tosses in my bed before I can go to sleep. Don't ask.

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  1. THANK YOU JESSIE!!!!!! - For answering my questions :) :)
    I was very intrigued by yours answers :) - No disappointments as usual :)