15 August 2011

a break

Hey Lovelies!

Lately, I've been really busy with blogging and design and I haven't had much time to just finish off some jobs I need to finish and spend time with my family.
I think a refreshing break from blogging is in order.

I'm going to finish off a design order and then just be able to have the time to go for a walk with my sister or sit and talk with my dad or play guitar with my bro or make dinner with my mum.

Just take some time to re-organize all these crazy, run-around posts that are in my head and have some fun taking pictures for no reason at all.

Taking a break to rest my mind and do some writing, not because I should but because I want to.

And most importantly of all, to take a break to really get back into the routine of sitting down in the morning with Jesus and the Word of God (I haven't been very constant lately). To take some time to pray and seek God.

So I shall say Au Revoir for a week or so!
Love you all. 
I will still be online so I'll still be commenting on your posts!

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  1. What a beautifully blissful idea. Enjoy your time away. <3

  2. I know how that is, a break is always nice! We'll miss your post, but just relax for a bit and don't worry about posting :)

  3. i hope you have a wonderful break. (:

  4. Have a GREAT brake and take it easy!!!!

  5. Have a lovely break sweetcheeks. These things take over life pretty quickly. Look after yourself and happy writing. Lots of love. And the yellow flowers are lovely.

  6. Have a lovely break - I'm on one too as I'm on holiday this week though I'm not commenting much either.

  7. That is what I am doing, i took a break, and it was a blessing, you should do the same :) if you feel that way. it's rewarding :D

  8. Love the second pic!! The bokeh is awesome!;)
    That's good that you are taking a break! It's always good to take some time off to focus on God!;)
    I know exactly how you feel about not reading and praying,(having your quiet time)Constantly, that happens to me a lot, and then I realize, that I need to focus more on God and be more consistent;)

    Hurry, back and post again<3

  9. COOOOME BAAAAAAAAcckk!!!!! LOL PLease?