14 August 2011

miscellaneous mumblings.

Not ramblings. But mumblings.
In my mind, I have written a million posts, but when I get to writing them down they come out like this:
.yawyna rettam t'nseod ti os, yas ot gniog saw I tahw togrof yllatot I

I know.
Be prepared for random ramblings mumblings and pictures that don't match.

miscellaneous 1
I woke up to the sweetest delight yesterday morning. A package arrived from Jerusalem for me.
I was in bed and my sister came running in with the package,
"Look Jess! Look! A package!"
Then the rest of my family proceeded to fill my bedroom at 8:30am as they watched me open it to see what it was.
Yeah. My family is cool like that.

miscellaneous 2
I, of course, knew what was in the oh-my-goodness-how-awesomely-cool package.
It was a package from Hadar from HaDarlings. A pair of earrings! They were the sweetest, most delicate things I have ever seen.

miscellaneous 3
I want you all to know that I'm absolutely nutty on fruit. Really. I just love it. That's all.

miscellaneous 4
I realize the picture above has nothing to do with fruit, but those are the beautiful earrings I got!
Yes, it's my sad attempt at modelling them. I don't do them justice.

miscellaneous 5
oh sunshine, sunshine, hast thou forsaken me?

miscellaneous 6
I am exhausted. Me and my sister had two and a half days to paint my brothers bedroom before he came home. We did 3 coats of paint on 4 walls and a ceiling. It was a surprise for him and, thankfully, he loved it!

miscellaneous 7
I love these earrings. Hadar, you rock. I know I'm rambling about them, but seriously, you guys have to check her shop out and grab something before it all goes. Hadar is also one of the sponsors for my giveaway!
It's pure goodness folks. Pure goodness.

miscellaneous 8
I love you guys. Yup.
Just thought I'd you let know.
Oh my wordy.
I just said I'd you let know. No jokes.
Jess, you need a coffee.

 Any miscellaneous mumblings to share? Please do!

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  1. That picture of the flowers reminds me of Lark Rise. Very cool.

    My miscellanious miscellany...it's SNOWING!!! Again. Crazy aye!! So excited...

  2. What lovely earrings those are!! I wish I had some. And I think you're a great model!! You look so gorgeous all the time, girlie :))
    Great post, I'm going to have to steal it sometime!
    -Jocee <3

  3. Nice! I love random posts like this :)
    Those earrings are really cute, and you're so pretty!!

  4. Oh sweetheart the picture of you is so pretty!
    Much love, Kristi xxx

  5. I love this post!!;)You are so pretty, and those earrings are adorable! That's awesome that they came from Jerusalem;) Love everything you wrote, oh and painting is so much fun!:)