29 August 2011

ice cream in stone walls

don't ask me about the title. it came in a fit of madness genius.

as promised, a post on my darling sister's birthday.
it was a day full of present opening, walking, shopping, cake-eating and movie-watching.

yes. ridiculously cute bridges were a big part of it.
they should be part of all birthdays.

my sister, quite rightly, refused an ice-cream, as befits a girl her age.
but me? nope. I indulged in my childish love of ice-creams. 
be under no false pretensions, my loved ones: I do indulge in ice-cream.

a day spent peeking through stone walls. 
and reassuring my mum that the huge, massive bulls won't come and chase after her.

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ok. so we may have got just a little lost. and the walk actually turned out just a little longer than it was meant to be.
ok, a little-a-lot.

a day talking to little (or big, it's all a matter of perspective. right.) white calves, that get all excited when you run alongside them. beautiful little pink noses and long eyelashes. 

windswept hair definitely had something to do with my sister's birthday.
beth's hair looked like she had just gone to a salon at the end of our windy walk, and I looked like I had been through  hurricane Irene. yeah.

the walk ended with us all exhaustedly walking back to the car (after tea and birthday cake at a tiny, wee, sweet tea shop in a tiny, wee, sweet village) with me and Beth throwing hard red currants from an obliging bush at my dad and brother.
the best way to end a walk. 

and then the day ended with macaroni cheese, white chocolate & raspberry brownie, and a movie.

ready yourself for some emotional, soppy sentiments to my sister.

all I can say, my dearest, best of sisters, is that I don't know what I would do without you.
if you ever leave me, you'll be in so much trouble.
like, a lot.
I always stand in amazement of all the things you can do; you are crazy-talented, shockingly beautiful, and dreadfully patient with me. thanks for putting up with me and all my talkativeness.
I love you!

beautiful musings on moday

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  1. I love your pictures! And your header!! Did you draw the girls?? It's AMAZING! :) xxx

  2. Gorgeous shots!!

  3. Great pictures :) Looks like it was a really fun day and that ice cream looks delicious!!

  4. WHOAH! I've never seen an ice cream cone like that!

  5. Such a beautiful post. I love your photography skills. They're fantastically impressive. ^_^

  6. gorgeous pictures.

    the entire day looks like it was so much fun.

    and you, my dear, are stunning. <3

  7. I love your pictures!!!!!

  8. Ahaha! Thanks for your comment! And you're right- your sister is VERY talented!! Yes I went to England Devon! And I am English all over! I'm presuming you live (or at least visit the UK?) That's awesome!! Yes, being English is why I get very confused reading American people's blogs this time of year! (The schooling system confuzels me!)
    Sorry I'm rambling now...
    Love your blog!! Fizi Kizi xx

  9. Aw .. what a sweet post! And it sounds like a wonderful day (I'd eat the ice-cream, too!) filled with love and fun.

    Mmm. Macaroni cheese!

  10. Yes! We have waffle cones and cones that look like this: http://www.recipetips.com/images/glossary/i/ice_cream_cone.jpg

    But your cones are the most amazing one I've ever seen! LOL

  11. Okay, that is a REALLY cool ice cream cone! The pattern/design is gorgeous! Aside from the captivating cone, I love these photos and your sentiments are very sweet :)

  12. gosh. i love your photographs! beautiful.
    that bridge is ridiculously cute and i am now going to find one for my birthday next year. :3

  13. Fantastic perspective and selective focus in the barbed wire macro.

  14. Leah;) Your Robin Hood Friend!;)3 September 2011 at 23:43

    This is really sweet;) Happy Birthday to your sister!!!;) And I love all these pictures!
    I love the little poem on here that you put on for you sis;)

  15. I love your blog! I found it through Rachel's blog, Dramatic Elegance :) It sounds like both of you had a great time! The sixth picture is amazing... <3 I love calves...especially white ones with pink noses. I live in Texas in the US, so we have a crazy amount of cattle. :) I'm following!


  16. Love those pictures!!! Looks like y'all had fun!