30 August 2011

spot the blogger

My sister, Beth, draws a-m-a-zing pictures. 
So sometimes, she picks a  well-known, fashion-y blogger and draws her from pictures they have posted of themselves. And then I fill them in with colour on the computer.  

This is a picture of...guess who?

And...guess another.


Whoever guesses one/two/all first gets their blog button on my 'lovely reads' marquee (on my sidebar)!
Oh, and a hug. Or two. Or three.

P.S. Me and my sister aren't being creepy or anything. Seriously. My sister just browses through blogs and draws pictures and then I just play around with colours. We're not being stalker-ish, promise.


  1. First one is Olivia from "Of Horsefeathers."

  2. Second one is Carlotta from "Pastor's Girl's Ponderings."

  3. i'm a newbie to your blog but these illustrations are too cute! & i recognize them!...first is Olivia from Of Horsefeathers, second is Carlotta from Pastors Girls Ponderings, & third is Sydney from Daybook! yay!

    alissa b

  4. I agree with Rachel! But I don't know who the third one is!!! It would be awesome if she could do one of me? huh? PLEASE! lol

  5. First is Olivia, second Carlotta and third I don't know! Your sister is an amazing artist!

  6. I would pay for something like this of me.

  7. Those are really cool. Someone already said, but
    #1 - Olivia
    #2 - Carlotta
    #3 - Sydney

    Your sister is really good! :)

  8. Hmmm...I can only figure out the first) Olivia from ofhorsefeathers and second) Carlotta from pastor's girl's ponderings. The third one I have NO CLUE! I love these drawings though! Makes me wonder how you and your sis would 'see' me!? ;)

  9. First is Olivia, second is Carlotta, and I don't know who the third is. Your sister is a VERY good artist. :)


  10. a few people already guessed but-
    #1 is Olivia
    #2 is Carlotta
    #3 is Sydney

    LOVE THEM! your sister's amazing! :)

  11. These are so cool! I guessed the first two right away.

  12. Oh these are good - the first one is the only one I recognise - it's Horsefeathers.

  13. Oh my WORD! You guys are amazing!! I love it!! Gosh- such lovely sketches ... lucky you and your sister to have such beautiful talents!

  14. Is the second one Carlotta(Pastor Girl's Ponderings)? The third is Sydney from The Daybook.
    Your sister is really talented!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  15. It's Olivia (horsefeathers), Carlotta (pastor's girl's ponderings) and I didn't know the third! Your sister's really good! I wonder what mine would look like :)

  16. Haha I could fully say I know them all, from reading all the comments but the only one I know is Olivia coz she's the only one I follow :)

  17. One is Olivia from Of Horsefeathers
    Two is Carlotta from Pastors Girl's Ponderings

  18. I saw this on my dashboard, and I'm like "That looks like Olivia from Of Horsefeathers!" Great job, Beth. Here are my drawings:

  19. rhese are wonderfully cute and girly, and i love this style of art. does your sister have a blog or a site for her sketches?

  20. The first one is Olivia from Horsefeathers. The second one looks like Carlotta from Pastor's Girl's Ponderings (sorry, I did see a comment that said Carlotta.)
    I don't know who the third one is though..

  21. P.S. Maybe you could ask your sister if she would be willing to do one of those for a giveaway. I know I would *love* one of me! :) Those are amazing!

  22. First: Olivia
    Second: Carlotta
    Third: Sydney, the daybook

  23. By the way, your sister is AMAZING at painting and drawing. Tell her that from me, will you?

  24. The first one is Olivia@Of horsefeathers
    Second is Carlotta@pastor's girl's ponderings
    Third is Sydney@The Daybook

    Those are super amazing drawings! They look just like them!! :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  25. Those are so cute!

    Hey Jess I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem, but all the pictures on the post below this one come up black with a white triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. I could see them when you first posted them but not anymore.

  26. #1 is Olivia at Of Horsefeathers

    #2 is Carlotta from pastor's girl's ponderings

    #3 is Sydney from The Daybook

    Great drawings!


  27. Wow. Such a beautiful job. Carlotta is perfect, truly. Amazing artist your sister is. Although I'll admit that you I was directed to this post from Carlotta, I will say that I knew immediately who the first one was. Those shoes, pose, and hair gave her away. Very well done.
    The third one, I don't know. Would you mind letting me know? If she's as good as Olivia and Carlotta, well then, she's probably lovely.
    Great job, good talent!

  28. Olivia and Carlotta!

  29. Your sister is so good at drawing! :) And I had an idea of who the first two were, so i checked out their blogs, and they both posted about being drawn. So I know the first two! Olivia and Carlotta! :) Though I don't know the third.

  30. These are amazing! What program did you use to color them, Photoshop?


  31. I just started following! Love you blog. I immediately recognized the first 2! Olivia and Carlotta! :) I don't know the 3rd but she looks adorable ;)

    Chloe Grace

  32. Could someone send me the link to the 3rd ladies blog? I'd love to visit but can't find it...? Awesome! I wanna be drawn! haha. so cooool.

  33. @Ashlyn Y: If you look at the next post, you'll find out who the third is!

    @Lise: I've fixed it now! Is that all good?

    @Hannah: I use a mix of picnik, gimp and pixlr!

    @Laura: See the latest post to find the link to her blog!

  34. Olivia (of horsefeathers) Carlotta (pastor's girls ponderings) and Syndey (the daybook) ? and i LOVE the drawings!

  35. Ose are incredible, gorgeous pictures!!!


  36. i know the first two! great pictures!!

  37. cool beans cool beans cool beans.

    I follow all these peeps, too and can't blame you for following them, too- they're amazing!!

    1. olivia- of horsefeathers
    2. carlotta- pastor's girl's ponderings
    3. sydney- the daybook

    you've got something really special here, btw. followiiiiinnnnggg..... NOW.

    xx flor

  38. Leah;) Your Robin Hood Friend!;)3 September 2011 at 23:40

    I love your blogger header!!!:) YOUR SISTER IS A AMAZING ARTIST!!!And these are so cute!I think the first one looks like you, haha although,I don't know, if you where cowboy boots? haha But I have to agree with everyone else, I think the second one looks like Carlotta!

  39. Oh how much fun!!!!!! I would be so honored to get a picture drawn of me!! :D haha