7 September 2011

go international sponsors

hello darlings.

In october, I'm going to be participating in a thing called Go International, an event hosted by Roni.

The “Go international!” giveaway event Roni is hosting on October 1-10 – is loads of blogs joining together in a huge, awesome giveaway event, with each blog hosting its own giveaway. 
The whole point of this event is to host giveaways that are entirely international.
No U.S only! 

It's going to be a blast. With heaps of blogs having giveaways, people hopping around blogs, and entering some "too-good-to-be-true" giveaways, it's a great way to open your blog up to more exposure and to meet new bloggy-friends!

I am currently looking for a shop/company/blog who wishes to sponsor my blog giveaway for this event with a prize or gift certificate from their business. You can choose the prize, but please remember that you have to be willing to send worldwide/internationally.
To read more about what I accept and what perks sponsors get, go here.

The packages that are available (for this event) to the sponsors are these:

 Simplicite' Package -- Donate a prize worth $25-$45
80x100 Sponsor button on my Sponsor page
Link to your site on the giveaway post.
The chance of being picked for an interview.

Innocence Package -- Donate a prize worth $45-$85
120x160 Sponsor button on my Sponsor page
Multiple links to your site on the giveaway post.
A 5-question interview with 3 pictures.

Le Grand Package -- Donate worth $85-$125
140x180 Sponsor button on my Sponsor page
Multiple links on giveaway post and winners post.
A 8-question interview with 5 pictures.

More photo posts coming soon! I'm not abandoning my photo-filled posts, honest as chips.
You may be wondering what honest as chips means, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out.


  1. Sounds exciting! I love honest as chips, honestly.

  2. Do you have to donate money to this to enter? I'm a little confused :P
    ~Lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

  3. @ Lily: No, you don't have to donate money, sorry I should have put "donate a prize WORTH $25/$45 etc." The prize has to be worth whatever the package indicates. Does that make sense? Sorry for the confusion!