6 September 2011

seven things

that you don't know about me.

1. I love war films. Old ones, with classic actors in them and lots of action.

2. Emma is my favourite Jane Austen book and movie.

3. I don't really like massages, chocolate or popcorn. I know, what kind of girl am I?

4. Maths is my sworn enemy. 

5. I love leaving little notes around the house for people, once I've been at their place.

6. I've just started watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and I LOVE it. Call me lame, but I would seriously just watch it to see this guy and Jane Seymour in it!

7. I was so surprised at how much you guys wanted to have another 'spot the blogger'!
Wowee. Thanks for all your beautiful words everyone! My sister and I really appreciate it.

I was awarded by Dezzy!

I award these amazing bloggers:

Ladies, all you have to do now is tell 7 things about yourself!


  1. I agree with number 4. BIG time.

  2. gorgeous.

    oh, and thank you, dear one. <3

  3. Ahahaha! I agree with 4!!! I'm an English Geek, maths= enemy. :) xx

  4. 1. Ohhh yes yes.
    2. Of course! I love Emma. In fact, I just auditioned to be in the play Emma, and got the part of Emma! =D
    4. SAME.
    5. That is an awesome idea.

  5. 2,4,5 for me. Every time :) I just came across your blog and love it!

  6. Aww!! Thank you so much for awarding me!! And yes, spot the blogger is just AWESOME!!!! I want to be spotted. Can your sister draw me? :P Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  7. haha! Why is Emma not a shocker to me?! :) hehehe

    awwww thank you for my reward!!!!!!!!!