5 October 2011


this movie is so challenging. 
watch it, if you dare. 
warning: if you're under 16, please ask parents first, as it has some graphic scenes to get the point across. 

it is poignant, sharp, eye-opening, moving, real and heart-breaking.

just to let you all know:
ray comfort (the man who made the film) is a new zealander. oh yes. 
he used to preach in our city square.
all good things come from new zealand.

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  1. I just watched the first twelve minutes, and going to finish it later. Im a huge lover of history, and it's scary how kids dont know who he even is anymore.
    You've met/seen Ray comfort? That is neat!

  2. I watched that a little while ago...so impacting and inspiring! :)

  3. I was going to post this on my blog aswell. I've had the trailer up on my personal facebook page most of September. Ray has a wonderful way of getting the message across and this is some message. I did the Way of the Master course a few years ago.

  4. I don't usually cry... but I did while watching this video. I watched the whole thing. It's so sad. This carries a great message. I think I might share this on my blog soon. Thanks for posting about this! I think I started to cry right about the middle of the video? But it was pretty heartbreaking when he showed those peoples faces before and after they saw what Hitler had done. Very touching video!

  5. i just did a post about this, too. it was really good, non?

  6. WOAH! this went somewhere fully unexpected. Wow. Loved this.
    I thought it might be something different and when i finished watching it, I was surprised.

  7. Hahaha! My friend moved to New Zealand when we were about 9 or 10 :) xx

  8. because the original winner did not claim her prize, i had to draw again for item no. one {the ice fire neckalace} and you WON! <3

    can you email me your address asap?

  9. Leah, your R-H-F;)16 October 2011 at 23:04

    Yes! This was so GOOD!;) My sister showed it to me, she said she found it off a blog, (which I now realize was yours;)) It was really,really,good, and sad;) Great reminder;)