10 October 2011

sisters, homeschoolers and me

these beautiful girls are so precious.
they may not be my blood-related sisters, but they are soul-sisters.

they are also graduated homeschoolers.
there was a lot, I mean a lot, of homeschooler-bashing that day.
we had way too much fun.

they are beautiful, talented, smart, funny and beautiful.

my poor brother had to put up with five girls that day.
brother, I sympathize with you.

we drank coffee, we walked, we laughed, we took pictures, we laughed some more.

see what I mean? they are so much fun.

speak no evil, smell no evil, see no evil and hear no evil.
see? they come up with blow-you-away posing ideas.

can anyone guess which one my real sister is? 

soul-sisters peek when they're not supposed to.
I love it.

we all knew the lines to the movie, series of unfortunate events.
because everyone should.

we pulled many silly faces. we threw leaves at my brother. we sang songs down the street.
because that's what soul-sisters are for.

beautiful musings on moday

Never mused along with beautiful musings on monday before?
Here's how:

1. muse your way through photos.
2. link up!

that's it!! I know right?

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  1. I think the on with the red hair(also in the last picture) is your real sister. She looks like you the most. I'm going to have to try this sometime...it looks fun! I entered your awesome giveaway too! Such a cute bracelet! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. fun, daring, wild, with a dash of crazy. you guys look like my kind of people.

  3. lol,awesome! =) lovely post Jess.

    p.s. i was wondering if your sister uses a program too draw those photos or she does them by hand? cause if it was a program,I would love to get to use for when I draw out photography poses...( I enjoy drawing out backrounds lighting outf,the person and the pose and then take a photo replica.

  4. @ sierra: no, she's not my sis! guess again;-) thanks for entering the giveaway!

    @ sheean: yup. that's what we are!! lol

    @ blythe: no, my sister doesn't use any program, she draws them by hand. she's a crazy-talented artist!
    wow, it sounds amazing! what you do I mean, with the drawing and then the photos:-) keep up the good work.

  5. Cute photos! I'm guessing the girl with curly hair is your sister. ;)

  6. Is your sister the one on the far left in the photo under where you asked which one was her?

  7. I just read the above comments, so I know my last comment wasn't your sis:) Is your sister the one in the third picture down?

  8. @ tessa: nice work! yes, she is! did you guess from looks or from previous pictures of her on my blog?

    @ gloria a.: no, nice guesses though! my answer is above. my sister is the one with curly hair:-)

  9. well i can't guess your sis because i already know from the comments, ha! amazing photos, nonetheless. :)

  10. Looks like you ladies had fun. Did Bethy graduate as well?

  11. That looks like LOADS of fun you gals had!

  12. No, actually I compared her looks to yourself and thought she looked more like you than the others. :)

  13. Jess,I draw on my paper what I want to photograph some day.

    Example I'll draw a red brick wall, then a person in the pose I want and outfit then I'll label the outfit. draw and write where I want the lighting,like the sun I want to be coming from my left and I draw it from the cameras view. lol,yeah it sounds neat,but my drawlings are sooooooo bad.

    Wow,your sister is AMAZING!