22 October 2011


miscellany goodness.
or it might even be miscellany badness.
or it might be both.
both. both is good.

miscellany 1.
has anyone experienced having a dead slightly frazzled brain?
please tell me your experience.
maybe we can start a frazzled brain anonymous.

{this has been my view for the past week}

miscellany 2.
some people have started doing "spot the blogger" series on their blogs.
me and my sister thinks it's super funny-cute.
but seriously, kids, if you want to use our idea, that's cool, but remember:
stealin' isn't fun. so always credit back.

{this has been my sister's view for the past week}

miscellany 3.
did I say my brain was frazzled?

miscellany 4.
I have made two new pages! check 'em out. go on. shoo.

{my sister's brain food. mints. she is literally obsessed with them}

miscellany 5.
truly yours has truly rocketed. wowee folks. me and my sister are so super busy with orders.
they just keep a comin'.
and a comin'.

{this is getting longer and longer. I still can't believe it's all happening}

miscellany 6.
if you want to get your bro really excited, get him a bass guitar.
at least, it worked on mine.
he got really excited when my mum & dad bought him this for graduating.

miscellany 7.
autumn is feeling more like winter.
1 sheet, 3 duvets, 2 polar-fleeces, 1 dressing-gown  on my bed at night.
can someone please send me to New Zealand?

miscellany 8.
like the new design? I'm feeling the autumn colours.

ok. my brain has gone now.

I love you all.


  1. i love the new look! so sweet and charming!

    you should do another round of spot the blogger. i really love it, and it's fun to guess...although, maybe a warning ahead of time as to what genre of blogger you're doing? {fashion, food, ramble, inspirational, etc.}

    my brain is also fried beyond measure. ack with all the things i'm doing. good gracious.

  2. Love the new design! I did the Spot the Blogger thing (and gave you credit)...but... do you want more credit? Check it out: http://likeastar27.blogspot.com/


  3. :O The new design is suuuper cute!! I love the drawing! And I love those mints too- your sister has good taste ;) xxx

  4. I love the new design! The artwork is so fun and fall-ish. :D

  5. Absolutely love the new design! That drawing of you is so cute :D

  6. LOVE THE NEW LOOK! I love autumn. And I know EXACTLY how you feel with the whole "brain-dead" thing! ;)
    --Sara Beth

  7. Your new design is lovely! You and your sister are so talented. (:

  8. Wow loving the new look! So glad TY is taking off :D

  9. i rather heart your new design :))
    -jocee <3

  10. Hey, the design is awesome, and your sis' view for the past week? Same here, I love drawing!


  11. Your R-H-F, Leah;)24 October 2011 at 03:31

    Haha, Love this post!!;) You are so funny;) LOL
    Haha, My brain gets frazzled alot too;) heehe
    I love your new blog header! It's awesome!

  12. I love your pictures! i DON'T know why, but pictures of computer screens amuse me... I love them!