15 October 2011

spot the blogger #3 winners

hello my lovelies!

spot the blogger #3 was so much fun. 
and you guys did some major-crazy-way-too-smart guesses.

I thought that I would end it sooner, as there is already a winner.
In fact, we decided to make it two winners.

the first winner, who guessed crazy-quick all three of the bloggers is....

congrats polka dot; please email me!

the second winner, who also guessed super-quick all three bloggers is...

congrats natalia; please email me!

now, everyone, please, to help us out, comment below and
 tell us which bloggers YOU think are well-known.

which bloggers do you think deserve a drawing? which bloggers are well-known to you and your friends?

this would be a huge help to me and my sister! 


  1. So excited, I'll be emailing you soon! Hmm, well known bloggers? I'll have to think about it.

  2. I just KNEW that the second one was Ree!!! But I had no idea who the others were :) I'll be thinking of well-known Bloggers!

  3. i couldn't figure out number three! thanks! now i no :)

  4. I think you should do Anna Gray from Bella Vita and Megan from Borderless.

  5. Miss Raquel and... Alicia @ Crowley Party. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  6. congrats to me friend polka dot!! i guessed the Kelle Hampton but never got around to commenting ;) as for suggestions, maybe gussy from gussy sews?? just a thought!

  7. You guys should do Megan from Borderless! =D

  8. Aw man, I knew Kelle, and Ashley, but not Pioneer Woman... maybe next time (:

  9. Hi, Miss Jess! Is there a possibility that the email address is wrong? I was just wondering, because I sent out an email and I got an email from Gmail saying that it was sent to an address that doesn't exist. If you have any idea what it could be, could you please reply on my blog? Thanks!

  10. Of course - I spotted myself immediately and now that I look at the others - it absolutely makes sense. Great stuff!

  11. I feel so dangerous commenting on this for the third time. But, I came up with a couple ideas of awesome bloggers.
    1) Brooke from Bright Wishes
    2) Madison from Dis Fromage
    Sorry for all the comments, but I was looking through my dashboard and got some ideas :)

  12. I think you should do...

    Kenzie (http://aboutkenzie.blogspot.com/)

    Elise: (http://eliseypants.blogspot.com/)

    Stephanie: (http://www.polospearlsandpacifiers.com/)

    or maybe

    Sarah (http://www.lipstickandruffles.com/)

    Hope this helped!

  13. I think you should do:

    Allie (http://www.alliephotographyblog.com/)

    Kimberly (http://loveisthethingwithwings.blogspot.com/)

    Tori (http://www.fashiontrendsmore.com/)

  14. You should do Allie from Allie Photography!

  15. New header at Enjoying the Small Things = incredibly cool! you guys are awesome :)

  16. I've just come across you guys via Kelle's blog - that header caught my eye immediately, and I absolutely fell in love with your work. :)
    My suggestions are:
    Jeannett - http://liferearranged.com
    Rachel - p.s. i quilt
    Rita - Red Pepper Quilts

  17. Well, I think you should do, ahem, ME... Lol, just kidding, I totally agree, Allie would look awesome! And I also vote Kels from A Ray of Sunshine and maybe Sophie from Shutter:(Blessed)?


  18. hmm, you lovely people seem to have drawn the bloggers everyone know about already. maybe you can make illustrations of your followers. give a list of 10-15 names (or more) and the first person to figure out who it was you illustrated from the list wins!

  19. i love your spot the blogger, they are so awesome. i was hope you would drawning of me one day... i think you should do Katrina fromhttp://theyoungbridgetjones.blogspot.com/ she love art and photographer, she's so talented...

    also lovely Becky, she is so funny and so cool mum to her beautiful girl, check it out; http://www.frommrstomama.com/

  20. you should do Miss Raquel from God's Daughter!