1 October 2011

truly yours designs

this is something that I have been wanting to share with you for some time now.
my lovelies, I introduce to you...

mine and my sister's new blog designing website!

me and my brother have been working on the website for a wee while, and me and my sister have been designing blogs for people on the quiet.

but now! but now, truly yours designs is open to everyone!

let me explain it a little.
my sister, as you know, draws personalized pictures. and I, as you might know, design blogs.
we decided to combine the two efforts and make personalized blogs!

do you feel that your blog is in need of a makeover? need something fresh, clean and totally YOU?
that's what truly yours designs is here for. hurry and get a design!

please check it out and tell me what you think! comment below with what you think.



  1. really really cute!

    i love the concept, and it's such a darling thing for two sisters to do together.


  2. Ahhh... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! How much would it be just to get a sketch of yourself? You two are amazing. :)

  3. Yes, I have the same question as Arianna!!!!

  4. NO WAY! I totally need a new header! But I'm a little low on money/:


  5. This is awesome Jess!! Congratulations- hope you get lots of orders :) xx

  6. that's cool! hey, there seems to be something wrong with your button... i tried using it on my sidebar because it was oh-so-beautiful, but the html code itself showed up... can you fix it?

    blessings! ><>

  7. how exciting! you girlies are a talented duo so this was a scrumptious idea. :)