29 September 2011

awkward and awesome thursday

something I should have started doing a long time ago.
because I have many "awkwards" throughout my week.

emphasis on the many.


tripping up on a lamp wire in my bedroom, then looking round to make sure no one noticed.

having someone wolf whistle at me, then see the dog I'm walking and the whistle dies on their cocky, whistling lips. ha. yes, this is a staffordshire bull terrier. whatcha gonna do about it?

typing in 400-100 on the calculator without thinking. guess what it makes? 300. double ha.

flinching every time a fly buzzes past. yeah, I'm cool like that. no, I'm not thinking that it's a wasp or a bee. as if.

so I lied.

shaking way too vigorously the clean washing I brought in. I may have been checking for spiders. then again, I might not.

those awkward pauses on skype.

using my cellphone light to check the walls for spiders before I go to bed. triple ha.
which makes ha, ha, ha, if you hadn't worked it out.


me and my sister taking our coffees to our back hill and sitting in the sunshine, talking about nothing.

watching dr. quinn, medicine woman. and loving it to bits.

having a 27 (81 F) degree day in autumn. this is the life.

talking to four people that I hadn't talked to in ages. oh the bliss! I have felt so sociable this week.

having conquered many pages of maths today. it's like victory over sin. victory = me. sin = maths.

me and my sister diy-ing a chair to make it look shabby-chic. ok, so more emphasis on my sister diy-ing the chair. I did help! a little. tutorial on DIY-ing a chair? yes?

looking like an old nana before I go to bed. my dressing-gown, my slippers, tucking my pajamas into my socks, and usually a cup of tea. it doesn't get any better folks.

and just because a post should have pictures.... 
meet mr. harold the bunny.

hello, beautiful, blue, stringy-cloud sky.

had any awkward and awesome moments this week?



  1. finding the back of my earing in the bathroom cabinet - I have not got a clue how it got in there - I didn't put it there!

  2. LOL forgot to say that I loved that first shot - what a pose.

  3. I love awkward & awesomes. :) that last photo is absolutely gorgeous. and... I can't remember if I ever said--but the picture your sister did was awesome. I feel so honored. I'd like to include it in a post, but the image is copyrighted. do you think you could email it to me?

  4. "those awkward silences on skype"...yah. :) Loved this post!

  5. First off, this post made me giggle. Funny...I've been feeling sociable this week too :P

    Second - dude! Those pictures are stunning. Was that bunny in your back yard?

  6. Me? Awkward? You have to be kidding me. I am wanna of the most insane people you will probably ever hear from. I am so...un-normal...it's not normal. ha. Which adds up to...awkward. Yes, me. My family has the most enjoyment in it. Their favorite hobby is giving me a hard time about how much adolecence (don't think I spelled that right ha) is affecting me in the strangest ways. But I have incredibly awesome moments too! Those leave the awkward moments straggling for attention! :)
    I am right there with ya'!
    --Sara Beth

  7. I am so loving this, Jess. ;)

  8. That rabbit picture is awesome! I love bunnies! :)

  9. i love this! you sound so much like me :)
    <3 www.katies-favorite-things.blogspot.com

  10. @cubette, haha, yup they sure are!

    @Lise, hmmm...you've been feeling sociable too huh? must be some sort of a craze goin round;-) no, the bunny was at the huge park next to us. there are SO many bunny's there!

    @sarabeth, haha! sounds like such fun! yeah, we tease and play around a lot in our family too:-)

    @liz, emily, and katie,
    thanks girls! I'll be doing more awk & awes posts from now on!

  11. I think this calls for a new word. Awksome.

  12. Leah, your R-H-F;)30 September 2011 at 13:41

    I love this so much!! It couldn't be any more true!!;) haha Don't you just love the awkward moments of life??;)
    Yeah, I believe, there is always something awkward going on in my life too!;) You have no idea, how many times I have spilled my drinks, dropped a plate, tripped over something,
    or even gone in a room to get something for my mom,and then thinking, what did she want me to get again? And than having to go all the way back, and ask her;) But, believe me, I could write a book of all the most awkward things that ever happen to me, or are still;)
    Haha! Love this post Jess;) It a great reminder to me, that I'm not the only one who trips and falls and spills things all the time!;) haha JK;)

  13. Cute rabbit- and I think we all have awkward and awesome thursdays. Me? They're like that every day :)

    have a lovely friday!

    xo flor