27 November 2011

i'm not dead after all

as much as you might of thought that I was. I'm not. truly.
I am alive after all.

so, apart from being MIA, I have been busy as a squirrel. with truly yours designs especially, and schoolwork and life.
I'm happy to accept as much sympathy as can possibly be got from you all in regards to algebra.
kids, algebra is like sitting on a pinecone.

winter is practically here for us in England. cold, cold, cold. at least, it is for me. but while I've been dead/MIA, beautiful things have happened. little things that make your weeks that much more special.

like looking through the blogs/drawings we've designed of late. the portfolio is building up my loves.

1st: enjoying the small things || 2nd: kathryn's camera || 3rd: what we're up to || 4th: they all call me mom

like editing pictures a little crazily. just a little. c'mon, I know you do it too.

like seeing 295 followers. am I seeing things? 295? you're joking around with my eyeballs. go and give yourselves massive, breath-taking hugs. over and over. and over.

like reading The Help and watching Horatio Hornblower (for the 15th time or something oober weird like that).

like receiving the cutest earrings in the post yesterday from bright and cloudy. post on this later.

like listening to bryan adams. if I was a man, I would have a voice like his. yum-yum, it's so lurvely.
ok. I'm rambling now and I need a cuppa. love you all. 

what's been special about your week?

breath, drink tea and be good, kids.

wanna be a photographer or writer for an online christian girl's magazine?
head on over and contact haylie! she needs your skills!


  1. holy cheese. did you take that third picture? if they had academy awards for photography you'd be best picture! wow. i didn't realize that was so literal. great post :)) :P
    -jocee <3

  2. Yes, I am so glad you are alive! haha..
    I'd really love to hear from you sweety, I miss you a lot!
    Kristi xxx

  3. gorgeous photos! ahh, The Help is so so so good. have you seen the movie yet? if not, you must watch it after finishing the book. :)

  4. Nice post.


  5. so good to hear from you! and, girl, for us, it's alge-BLECH. ;)

  6. Haha, Yeah, I thought you were dead there for a moment! :) LOL JK Yeah, I know how you feel, school makes me especially busy too :) I love your blog header designs!- if I ever create a blog I would probably want you to make me a header :) Ha,You like Horatio Hornblower too? I do too! :) I've seen it over and over again also :)- There's nothing like watching a good old British series :)- Haha, You would've thought me and my family were from England because of all of the British shoes we watch! :)
    YIKES, I bet Algebra is super horrible!- Heck I can't even get through regular math :)

  7. good to have ya back! so glad you're not dead too. ;)

  8. OH, and By the way it's me, Leah your R-H-F, that wrote that comment (the R-H-F one ), ha I forgot to sign my name :)

  9. those photos are to die for! you have such a talent for photography and designing blogs. they look utterly a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  10. your drawing and blogging skills
    are utterly brilliant. my gosh.

  11. I miss my babycakes!! (man did that sound weird!!) Youve fallen off the earth!!! Miss ya! Love ur pictures and THANK YOU for posting about LAT! loves u BUNCHES!!!

  12. Portfolio's looking good Jess :) My week was special because I finally heard from that sister of yours...

    Algebra? Come on. It's fun. Seriously! It was probability that stumped me.