6 December 2011

be good, laugh hard & drink coffee

you may call my title strange and off-topic. I call it madness genius.

so, winter sets in, not in snow and frost, but in rain and grey skies. days are short, mornings are cold and nights are drenched in rain.

on the other hand, days are spent indoors reading, drinking hot drinks and working, mornings are dark, but deliciously mysterious, nights are spent listening to the pitter-patter of the rain, or sometimes the hail bombarding down upon the roof.

phew. that was my piece of romantic writing for you all. I love romantic and dramatic writing, but it's just so exhausting. so, that's all you'll get from me today.

this is my kind of algebra. christmas is coming up! I thought that I'd be the first to tell you, seeing as you probably don't know already. days are full of christmas music and hot drinks. joy.

receiving these earrings in the mail was such a treat. along with a beautifully sweet letter, it totally brightened up my week and I've been wearing them since.

www.brightandcloudy.com is the sweetest little shop ever. make sure you go and visit and check out stephanie's amazing items.

they are cuter than apple pie on a wednesday. sigh. anyway.
I was nearly surprised outta my eyeballs when I saw 301 followers yesterday on my dashboard. get outta town. you all get three hugs each.
ok, make it 4.

anyone interested in a photo challenge with prizes? holler out.

love you all.
be good, laugh hard and drink coffee. you didn't know that was comin, did ya?

enter the giveaway! hurry!


  1. I loved this post. :) A photo challenge would be great! With prizes or without.

  2. be good, laugh hard and drink coffee. amen to that! also, i love your kind of algebra. my algebra is no where near as fun. great post. *love* that last photo :))
    -jocee <3

  3. i am so glad you like the earrings! i have the exact same two pairs from her, and i love them! <3

  4. ahh! so lovely! challenges with prizzesss? Yes, please!

  5. I just love your posts. You don't need any overly ridiculous romantic writing, because it's entertaining and delightful the way it is. :) Oh, and I'm totally up for that photo challenge!

  6. um, i suck at photography, so, i'm out. but congrats on the earrings and 300+ followers!!

  7. I would love a photo challenge! :)

  8. that looks like a tongue with snow on it! but i'm pretty sure it's a flower.
    cute earrings!
    YES photo challenge please :)

  9. Rain + notes = awesomeness! AND YES I LOVE PHOTO CHALLENGES. I even hollered. :D

  10. cute earrings!

    I'm up for a photo challenge!

  11. Bring on the photo challenge! and prizes are always nice... ;) ~Liz

  12. o i think a photo challenge would be fun! even with out the prizes its just fun! :)

  13. Love these photos! Man... posts like these make me long for snow... but here in the south it's a pretty rare chance of that! But we got snow last year and the year before! Hopefully we will get it again(: And I would for you to do a photo challenge with prizes! I just hope I get my camera back before you do it!

  14. I know what you are going through right now! We normally have LOTS of snow (As in at least 2 feet) and by Christmas more. Right now there are a few patches here and there though. I DON'T like rain int he Wintertime!
    -Anna Rose

  15. These are all awesome! And those earrings are so adorable :) Great post! And I would totally be up for a photo challenge :)

  16. apparently stupid blogger decided to quit giving me updates from your blog. FRUSTRATING.

    anyways. I know I'm too late for the giveaway (weep) but I wanted to tell you that you are my HERO for giving away an anchor necklace. they are my very favorite. :)

  17. photo challenge? sounds like fun!


  18. yes yes to the photo challenge!!!!