13 December 2011

love, christmas photo challenge

photo challenge number 1 is up for grabs!
soak it up kids.
the joy. so, listen to the rules kiddos and enter like the christmas turkey is a' runnin' outta the door.

yours truly

take a picture of your favourite thing about christmas. 
maybe you love your tree? maybe it's the snow.
or maybe it's that devilish sticky toffee pudding that stares at you all day long.
or perhaps it's dancing unashamedly to rockin' around the christmas tree.
I knew it.


christmas cupcakes. om-nom-nom.

now! onto the part you're all waiting for. the prize.
sponsored by the amazing-how-on-earth-do-they-do-it shop, iMo. they have generously offered one of their camera straps--the winner can choose any strap they like! 

Clay Camera Strap suits for DSLR / SLR with Quick Release Buckles

this beautiful clay-coloured camera strap has my heart. my whole heart. it screams "I am sophisticated. I am classic. I am b-e-a-u-tFUL." who wouldn't want that around their neck? I sure as heck could do with it giving me some support when I drip coffee down my shirt.

Clay Camera Strap suits for DSLR / SLR with Quick Release Buckles

see? she looks sophisticated. classic. b-e-a-u-tiFUL. if this camera strap could make me look like that, I think I'd enter for it myself.

all I can say is: yum. 

have fun and link up below! the love, christmas photo challenge ends on the 19th December 12pm.
please use the button.

P.S. all of my readers can use this discount code "537711" to receive 10% discount on any items you buy from erica's shop: love, erica (the sponsor from the last giveaway)! crazy-great I know. this is only valid until the 16th of December. 


  1. I asked for one of these for Christmas. They make amazing camera straps! :) I entered!

  2. I entered! Great photo challenge!

  3. YAY! A PHOTO CHALLENGE! Love it! I'll enter when my camera comes back from the shop :D

  4. Awesome! So, is the winner your favorite one or randomly chosen? Just wondering :) And I'm swooning over those camera straps. BEautiful

  5. I want to enter. Now I gotta remember to take a picture, because I don't have one at the moment. You should have my entry soon though!

  6. i am so new to a photo challenge i have no idea how to follow the rules...can it be a post i've already written or does it have to be a separate post?! help! signed, newbie

  7. awesome photo challenge! i think i'll enter : )

  8. Jess, I have a question!

    Can it be something we like about winter and not just Christmas?

    Also, can it be a photo I took last winter? I just haven't had time this year to shoot. ):


  9. Hello! Are the rules that I have to put that button up my on site or what? Thanks :)...I'll be entering soon....

  10. Love your new header - tell your sister she is gifted :)

  11. Oh,you new header is so cute!!!!

    I entered. (my entry is at the end of my post)

    Oh,I'm hoping to get a DSLR camera by next summer. I love the lemon tree strap in her shop.

  12. Love your header!!!

    {I hate to toot my own horn, but you should come over to my blog on Monday and join my Gather Round Your Tree linky party!

    http://from-my-life.blogspot.com/2011/12/gather-round-your-tree.html }

  13. Sweet challenge! I looked at the camera straps in the etsy shop...my goodness they are awesome!!!

  14. well DUH I'm linking up! and girl, you crack me up. the end.

  15. Hey, Jess, can I change what photo I entered? Please reply.