2 January 2012

dreams of twenty-twelve

I'm not into new years resolutions. because I know that I'll never stick with 'em. I'm good like that.
instead of new years resolutions, I have squishies.
because I'm cool like that. 

squishies can mean a lot of things. so bear with me. in this instance, squishies are my dreams for twenty-twelve.

squishy #1
to go back home to New Zealand for a extended holiday. this one is my most imperative squishy on the list.

squishy #2
to start a photography business. yes please.

squishy #3
get an iphone. I know, it's materialistic and selfish. but I'm pretty sure Jesus would understand. I'd even call it a JesusPhone. what an excuse. if you ever run out of excuses, I will (without fail) send you some: I am the queen of excuses. and of brownies. brownie recipe anyone?

squishy #4
second shoot a wedding. oh the mischief I could get up to.

squishy #5
get fit. yeah. life will be crazy this year.

squishy #6
go to Israel and Egypt. I want to see where Jesus walked, lived and breathed.
and Egypt looks warm and sunny.

squishy #7
meet a blogger who comes over from america on a tour-of-england trip. just because I would love to meet up with a blogger whose blog I read.
the awesomeness.

squishy #8
love the Lord with my heart, mind, soul, body, strength, my everything.
to DO the Word.
to listen to God.
to love people with real love from Christ.

squishy #9
to eat this puppy up for breakfast.

squishy #10
no, I don't eat dogs.
to get a 35mm f/1.8 lens. yum yum yum.

love you all.
be good, eat white chocolate-raspberry brownies, and boo an innocent bunny.

p.s. we now have twitter for Truly Yours Designs!! yay and double yay. follow us if you dare.


  1. This post is adorable. The part about the JesusPhone made me smile because I want a JesusPhone too, if you know what I mean. My squishy! ;)

  2. I would totally come visit you in England! England is on my bucket list.

    P.S. love the squishies instead of resolutions, grand!

  3. JesusPhone? oh that is clever, darling. clever. also, i'm going to boo an innocent bunny now. :))
    -jocee <3

  4. That puppy is simply adorable. I would love to go to Israel, too!


  5. all of your posts are darling and hilarious. seriously.
    and if you can arrange it, I'd gladly volunteer to come over to England for ya. in fact, I bet I could do some fundraising for my trip, since I'd totally be doing it for you. no selfish reasons whatsoever.

  6. I seriously think you are the funniest blogger I've come across. I absolutely love your posts and photography; they make me smile every time. Squishy=best.name.ever.; resolutions are so outdated. And I'll definitely be calling you for excuses on why my essay is late.

  7. can I be squishy #7? that sounds fun :)

  8. Yay for squishies! :D And a hip-hip-hooray for Truly Yours Designs Twitter!!

  9. All so beautiful - hope you have an awesome year!

  10. What are your 2013 wishes? Still want a JesusPhone? ;)