13 January 2012

oh life.

1. why hello carrots. see that light shining on them? that's the sun. amen. praise be. we had sun today.

2. I'm not dying from lack of sun. no way.

3. yes, yes, I am. this lil new zealander is turning into some sorta blonde hedgehog.

4. I may be enjoying the new nose that I got for Jeeves. but then again I may not. I'll leave you to guess. let's just say he had a nose job.

5. I'm not still muttering under my breath about the number-of-days-raining-vs-the-number-of-days-of-sun-in-england.
nooo way. not me.

5. blueberry pancakes + stewed apples + maple syrup + plain yogurt + cinnamon = one happy lil tumtum.

6. new look? like? no?
before, I felt like I was still living in 2011 every time I looked at my blog. and that really messed wiv my widdle bwain.

love you all.
be good, squish a blueberry and catch a chicken.

p.s. the winner of the love, christmas photo challenge didn't respond, so olivia, you are the winner!
please email me with your choice of camera strap and address.


  1. those carrots look so lovely! i could just eat them up. after they were cleaned, of course. love, love, love your photos. and blueberry pancakes.
    i think i shall treat myself to a squished blueberry and a game of "catch le chicken". great post :)) :P
    -jocee <3

  2. cutest new look yet! poor thing -- just come on down to Phoenix, Az, we've got plenty to spare! and btw, those pancakes = yum♥

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. the new look = LOVE! the header is perfect and I like the fonts you picked out :)
    1. this is a beautiful photo and i'm so glad you have some sun!
    4. yayayay! new camera noses are always exciting!
    5. send me some? :)

  4. I read this post through, and somehow, I missed this! :) I'll email you right now!