12 February 2012

coffee date?

it is about time for a coffee date. I have been longing for one.

you'd knock on the door. I open it and give you a enormous hug.

you'd come in and I'd sit you down in front of the fire. I'd ask you how your life is and then make you a latte. or do you prefer mochas?

I'd hand you your drink and offer you some brownies. I'd carry on making a coffee for myself and tell you that I have been dying to see you. I'd tell you how I've been busy with Truly Yours Designs and how the puppy next door is so sweet and tiny and adorable and edible.

I'd ask you what has been keeping you busy. why don't you have a puppy next door too?

I'd tell you that my cousin had just been down to see us. I'd tell you that I'm absolutely loving pinterest. like, a lot, a lot. a lot. a lot.

I'd tell you that my brother's birthday is coming up. my tiny-bigger-older-little-brother is turning 21. sob. I'd tell you that Jeeves and I are really good friends. closer than close.

I'd listen to your stories of your past month. I'd laugh at your hilarious descriptions of your mother's uncle's son's dog's kitten. I'd cry with you as you tell me about your pet mouse that died. well, maybe not. not if it was just a mouse.

we'd laugh, talk, giggle, walk, drink, eat, laugh, and just enjoy.
won't you come?

please do.

xox jess

p.s. old-fashioned me is now on pinterest! I can now face myself in the morning. I am modern. yes.
follow me if you dare. if you're really, really brave.

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this post inspired by casey leigh.


  1. beautiful photos. and if there is coffee, i will come.

  2. oh, I just loved this. and I prefer mochas, thanks for asking. (:

  3. "I am now modern. yes." lol, awesome. off to follow you on pinterest. i am brave.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. Aww, I love this:) (Meaning I want to meet you and have a coffee time)

  5. i like this a lot. i will be there!(;


  6. um, yes, i'm coming over for a coffee date. i thought you'd never ask me! :))
    -jocee <3

  7. Great pictures!
    And if i weren't in Uganda i would come :)


  8. i want to come RIGHT now! it sounds like heaven : )

  9. FYI... I love Mochas!!! :D But sadly you live along far far away:( Beautiful pictures!

  10. i adore these posts by Casey so it's awesome to see you doing them as well!