8 February 2012

yeah, I know.

flicking through unwritten journals.

making mini snowmen.

the new truly yours designs blog.

squirrels. oh squirrels. 

brother. you look like a hippie.

this squirrel is skidding on snow. what an awesome squirrel. squirrel, you are awesome.

syril. you have some dirt on your nose. ok.

tweeting for tyblogdesign. tweettweetytwit.

studying for australian history around the park with my sister.

beth: hobart. 
me: a penal settlement established by john oxley in 1823.
beth: perfect.
me: yeah, I know.
beth: no, I said perth.
me: oh. perth. right.

having glorified bacon and eggs. whatever they are. and then discussing how eggs can be justified, glorified and sanctified.

what have you darling been doing lately? share your souls.

love you all.
be good, hug a pine cone, and kiss a squirrel on the nose.
be really good, kiss a pine cone on the nose and hug a squirrel.

p.s. follow yours truly via bloglovin! I have heard rumors about google taking gfc away. go jump off a cliff google. but don't. coz then we wouldn't have blogger. or our lives.


  1. heehee, there's two! my life is now complete. thank you. (:
    I love looking at your blog design site with all the lovely sketches. ah, you two are so talented!
    I want to say that the mini snowman made my heart melt, but I don't feel as if "snowman" and "melt" should be put in the same sentence...
    oops. I just did.
    now excuse me, I'm off to hunt for pine cones and squirrels to hug and kiss.

  2. That mini snowman is awesome!

  3. so good. SO SO good. The pictures, the words, the... everything!
    I left a comment at the design site. Yes, I'm smitten with the site.

    xo, a c a c i a

  4. ps the squirrel pictures were AMAAAAAAZZZIIINNG. We don't see squirrels a lot here in England, do we?

    1. yes! we have lots of squirrels. grey squirrels are pretty common in england I think:-)

  5. I love the one of your brother! that rainbow light is epic.
    also, I love your new design blog blog design! hehe :)

  6. that mini-snowman is killing me. and the squirrels? don't get me started. i like to call them schizophrenic balls of fluff. we are ambushed by them daily.
    LOVING the new look around here!

  7. I am totally and completely in love with that little snowman! SO cute!

  8. your blog is so gerat! i am so glad i found it. your header design is superb and this squirrel is making my day.

  9. Awww.... that squirrel is SO super cute!!! You have some of the most fun ideas... like the snowman!!! LOVE!