1 April 2012

er...hello world?

Hello Yours Truly readers!

Jess left her "dashboard" open on the computer, so I thought I'd do a post. Ha. She's going to kill me.
April Fools and all that jazz. I've gotta be quick too, coz I don't want to die in the middle of doing this.
Oh, and I'm putting some awesome pins on here! Coz I found out that I'm a pinterest addict and they show you how evil mine and Jess' humour is.

Ok, here's a idea. How well do you know Jess? Answer these questions!

What is Jess' fave colour?
What is her Nikon D3100 called?
Is she a blonde or brunette?
Summer or winter girl?
Her favourite actor?
What is her sister called?

Whoever gets them all right gets a....
...a hug from Jess? And from me? And from Santa Claus. Woah, gotta go. Jess is back. Eeeek! Where is the dang publish button thingy? Found it!


  1. lolol, that was awesome. was that staged? because it was perfect. also, i love your humor... it is so akin to mine.


  2. LOL! that is great so funny.... love the pins. so great! do you mind if i post a link on my blog to here?

  3. She's a brunette, loves summer....

  4. Ha!! I could just hear your wee cackle as you posted those pins...

  5. 2. Jeeves
    3. Brunette
    4. Summer
    5. Paul Mcgann
    6. Beth

    I dont actually know #5, but ya know

  6. ha ha, that's helarious! she's going to be so mad... : D

  7. Oh my goodness I just love that!!! :) Im a Pintrest addict too and sadly, I've repinned all of those before!!
    Well dern, I actually knew all but number 4 but if I post them now people might think i cheated so.. never mind then! haha never mind tehe too funny!